Large PixelArt Paintings without loosing your way

A great way to keep track of where you are in a PixelArt pattern is to set up a ten grid. I use the reinforced platforms and marble along the sides and bottom to mark form a grid alongside the backwall.

After your backwall is complete count out every 10 blocks and place a light. This will help keep track of where you are on your pattern.

When you start painting use the lights and the marble markers on the side to make sure you are painting in the right place. Most of the patterns I use are cross stitch patterns and are already set out in a 10 grid.

You can even easily add your own additions and make changes to a pattern this way. I added a dodo to the bottom of this pattern.

This 10 grid method saves time and frustration on PixelArt projects. I have even started to use it on my block PixelArt to speed up the process.


Wow man excellent hard work
Can u help me
I’m finding a building with 10 rooms
Decorated building

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Very nice

Excellent! May I use this in order to make a video on YouTube?


You got so many marble and my world has like none I can’t upgrade the Craft Bench and craft the jetpack not even if I want lololololololol every “l” and “o” is a tear of despair I want to die
Oh btw nice art.


I like it!!!

Very Impressive :3

I will have to use this often


If you find gold make golden pickaxe for a chance at fining some. Otherwise dig deeper through stone and not just look in caves

Absolutely love the suggestion. This will definitely help me in future attempts at pixel art (which I avoid because I’m hopeless at it


A decent strategy for finding marble is mining through all that delicious limestone. It can lead to oil, ore, other caves, and notably, marble. It also means free food. Sooo muchhh fooooodd

I have seen some of your builds @TeenyDude and they are amazing. I can’t wait to see more of your creations in the future. I hope my method helps you fill our blockheads community with more PixelArt in your wonderful style. And please keep posting pictures. We all love to see them!



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I used this method to build my newest solid block PixelArt. It makes large projects easier to manage.
When I was done placing all the blocks I just removed the glass backwall.

With the frame and backwall removed the PixelArt is complete.


Why must I suck at pixel art so…