Lasso for moving blocks

I have thought of a new tool you can craft by using 3 string and 5 gold ingots. It is a lasso! This is helpful for building, carving, and removing inappropriate objects. Let me explain.
What Lassos do
You can grab blocks with the lasso and move them around with the d-pad. You can only grab 50 blocks and grab a block 5 blocks away max. The durability of a lasso is pretty weak so better create a ton! If you are an admin, you can use the lasso to move other people’s blocks (if they are protected by a protection sign). If you aren’t an admin and somebody’s building isn’t protected, you can grab their base!
How they can help
They can help with building and carving out mountains drastically. They can also help remove inappropriate buildings. For mountains, you can select walls/blocks (mentioned after this section) and carve out mountains in a breeze with delete (also mentioned after this section). Just remember to craft a ton of lassos so you can take out those mountains! For building, in case something isn’t even, instead of removing the block and placing it back, just select and move! Be careful with durability. Lastly, for inappropriate builds, just select the building and delete!
Their controls
They have 4 controls. Abort, delete move, and wall/blocks. Abort removes the selections. Doesn’t take away durability. Delete removes all blocks selected. Takes out all durability of lasso. Move makes the d-pad appear for moving the blocks. Takes out durability for each block selected for each move. (Example: selected: 50 blocks, removes 50 durability from lasso once blocks moved to a direction) Wall/blocks makes you select either the blocks, the walls, or both. So you can move blocks and walls at the same time! The word changes when you select an option. When you choose walls it appears as walls. When you choose blocks it appears as blocks. Lastly, when you choose wall/blocks it appears as wall/blocks.
That was my idea for a lasso. Here is a picture of a lasso in HD and Classic. It’s not good because I didn’t want to take a while to post a topic. :stuck_out_tongue: image
Anyways, that was my idea! Thanks for reading.

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I was thinking that the durability was 250. Just so you all know. :stuck_out_tongue:

250 uses?

its interesting but sounds more like a weapon than a tool