Last post wins!


I’ve decided to make my own little forum game.

  1. No being too competitive.
  2. No being mean to others.
  3. Respect everyone here.
  4. No gloating or bumping thread back up if it dies.
  5. I’m sure moderators/admins will watch this thread.
  6. Don’t post links that could be a virus. That’s just rude. And you must truthfully say what they lead to.
  7. Don’t make ridiculously long posts without a spoiler to hide it.
  8. Randomness is allowed, as long as appropriate.
  9. HAVE FUN!!!

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Say anything

(Bilster walks up to a podium)(Crowds of people in their seats)
(Bilster)(Clears Throat)…Toast…
(Walks away from podium)(Crowd cheers)


(This game could get very disastrous… You sure? (This post doesn’t count))


Now that I think of it, it could get chaotic in here. But I don’t think anybody will made a big deal out of this thread…Hopefully. (This post doesn’t count)


Why doesnt that post count?


Well it was because we were playing the game, we were basically discussing what the possibilities that might unfold here, which is why we didn’t count it.


(Oops… Didn’t mean for that… This post counts, lol (not really).


Pineapple: Buy This thingy from Thingy Markets!! Only thingy dollars!


…And what if they get into trouble with the mods/admin of this forum? I don’t want to be kicked out of here. (Same, this doesn’t count either.)


(So… Are we playing? I’ll edit my post and add rules. Post no count)


(I’ll go ahead and start)
post… it counted… LOL.


Random words. Text here. I typed this. These are words. Random words. :wink:








[In the town of Bulven, a Spanish village, a girl walks up to a building with a butchers sign on it, but inside it says Doctor and Souvenirs. A woman is sitting down, reading a magazine.]

(Caitlin){coughs} Excuse me, I’m looking for Doctor Fritz. I think I have a stomach bug.
(Woman) [with Spanish accent] Ah, Doctor Fritz can cure anything! What you need? Amputation? Have toofache?
(Caitlin){getting frustrated} No, I have a stomach bug!
(Woman) Well, don’t spread it to me. Want to buy a souvenir? See? {gestures to necklaces and other junk}
(Woman) Aie! Don’t worry, I can already hear her footsteps. By the way, my name’s Pandita.

[based on a play someone did for me]


I beat you all


Nope. Lol.


So… Do I win?


Pineapplepegasus: POTATO.
(Audience cheers as Pineapple walks away from the podium)