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That and a late 2016 MacBook

A 2016 MacBook Pro?

Turns out it was early 2016 not late… oops

That explains why you recommended it to somebody else… :smile:

Are you not able to update it to macOS Big Sur?

It’s shared between the family and my mom doesn’t want it updated for some reason… I have my pc on Big Sur

Have you already tried telling your mother that it’d be fine to update the MacBook? Then again, it’s probably slow.

Sharing a desktop instead of a laptop seems like a better idea.

Yes, she doesn’t want to deal with the non existent issues that will come with updating

For what it’s used for it’s perfectly fine. I used to play Minecraft on it before I had my pc

It’s my pc I saved up for a long time to get… I don’t really want to share it. my mom is really the only person that uses the MacBook and now she has the m1 iPad so nobody really uses the MacBook anymore… when it was being used a lot it was great though

Yeah, there aren’t any issues with updating to a newer version of macOS.

All I’ve heard from people are complaints that it’s slow. I guess not… :slight_smile:

I was talking about an iMac or a Mac Mini, not your PC.

Also, why don’t you update the MacBook if your mother is no longer using it?

Well nobody uses it anymore really… my mom accidentally shoved the corner into a banana. Now the thunderbolt port doesn’t work and it doesn’t charge properly… took it to the Apple store and it would have been exactly one cent cheaper to get the m1 MacBook Air than to get the MacBook fixed.

How did that happen? :what:

Buy the MacBook Air then! :wink:

We have the m1 ipad pro now, there is no reason to get a macbook, we have a capable pc that works that isn’t mine if we need a computer.

We went on vacation and there was a banana in the center console of the car and my mom was trying to put the laptop there too and they collided

Holey it was hailing in southern Ontario

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Why do you still need the MacBook then?

What a weird vacation! :what: :banana: :computer:

It exists because we keep our old electronics in case we need it for something

weird. when i was like 5 living across the lake from Toronto, we had a hail storm. it shredded our garden. lol

But you said that nobody uses it anymore and that you now have an M1 iPad Pro? I am just curious as to why you’d still need the MacBook. :man_shrugging:

iPad doesn’t do mac things, it does iPad things. sometimes you need mac stuff like the ability to format a usb drive or terminal. We do have my hackintosh but that mine.

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