Last post wins!


I wish there was some RP with me in it. I have developed lots of new characters and revamped old ones.


join one



a qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician.
synonyms: physician · medical practitioner · medical man · [more]
a person who holds a doctorate.
“he was made a Doctor of Divinity”
an artificial fishing fly.
change the content or appearance of (a document or picture) in order to deceive; falsify.
“the reports could have been doctored”
synonyms: falsify · tamper with · tinker with · interfere with · [more]
treat (someone) medically.
“he contemplated giving up doctoring”
synonyms: treat · medicate · dose · soothe · cure · heal · tend · [more]


Where is one?


Theyre scattered across the forums . I guess just search “ roleplay “ ?


As far as I know there’s only one active one, and it’s closed to newcomers. Guess I’ll make my own or wait.


you better hurry up and make a roleplay before rftw ends because im packing up my bags and leaving




You are? Why, if I may ask?




It’s mostly personal reasons and the fact that I’m growing out of this game. It has been four years.


the new TV MA TITANS movie releavled at comic con has robin cutting off a bank robber’s legs


That’s-a spicy meat-a-ball


I am winning at the moment.




all hail the six hour flight delay


I’ve always wanted a pet bunny.


Just flag and don’t reply.


Ay there we go. Thanks.


Bunnies are cute, my personal fav is the Flemish giants.