Last post wins!


“Did Columbas say oh well when he couldn’t discover Indiana and he landed his plane in Canada instead? No. He said oh maybe and he put that flag down and he marched right up to that courthouse and he made that bill a law. Oh yes that’s why you ladies can vote till this very day, so let’s stop saying oh wells and start saying oh yes let’s go to Jeffs’s already.”



spot the difference


this truely is impossible, becuase a normal L looks like this; l

and a capital i looks like this I


EXTREMELY difficult but not impossible. Look for the |, not the I.



so ez




I shall put the last post


Yeah, just need a hammer and nails to put in that post.


Who has body?

  • Meah
  • Nought Meah

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Saturday, January 1, 0000 2:01 AM (Europe: Paris), Friday, December 31, -0001 5:52 PM (America: Los Angeles)

I think I broke something. But i don’t notice it. can you tell me where it is?


Oops, i broke the system!


I am the system


January 1, 0001 10:09 AM (Europe: Paris), January 1, 0001 2:00 AM (America: Los Angeles)

i mightve broken somethin


Is it just me or whenever there’s a new asdf movie or song I go back back and watch them all?


Me too! ₽ finally got this symbol :slight_smile:


May 16, 2018 7:15 AM (EST), May 16, 2018 5:15 AM (Etc: GMT+7)
Im so confused with these things



I left a small detail on one of my accounts on another site. Can you find it? It starts with an “en" if you can guess that. It also has a tint of "nav ue and b_”

Stupid “_” not showing…


Why do people keep changing the Flavortown desktop background I put on the school computer


Oh, you will laugh at thus story!

In third grade, on our Chromebooks, there was a background we couldn’t change, but one day, the background changed into one of the backgrounds you could put, and everyone thought we were hacked xD


i don’t wanna go