Last post wins!


Mr stark?




Shrek the Musical is being performed

Shrek - :musical_note:…sent me away, it was my birthday!:musical_note:
Fiona - :musical_note:I was sent away on Christmas Eve!:musical_note:

I walk on stage
Me - Actually Fiona there is a probability of 364 in 365 (if we say it isn’t a leap year) that you are lying. In the first song of the musical (Big Bright Beautiful World) we see you walk across the stage behind Shrek as he journeys. Judging by the content of that song we can say Shrek is telling the truth. Therefore Fiona must be lying unless Shrek’s birthday is in fact 24th December.
Shrek - Who are you?
Me - Just getting the facts right.
Director - Get off the stage!!

I am taken away by security


Happy 41st Birthday Chuck E. Cheese’s


I am finally an alumna of my own school! I nearly cried at the Valedictorian’s speech. I’m gonna enjoy my summer!


When I click inspect
O M G   A R E   Y O U   H A C K I N G ?


I’m dying laughing while reading this pun read the image, please!


I can’t wait for Christmas, ok?


LPW seems less active :confused:



Look at this picture!


We’re growing plants at school, it took me 3 attempts for seeds, and a month, but I finally got a leaf! YEEPEE!
It’s only my class. We planted a bean seed in a paper towel and after it grew we put it in a dirt cup, it worked. ;-;


Plan B: make a folder, title it “homework”, and load it with le memes as my legacy to the school


I’m going to go back to my school this Tuesday and print out my digital artwork to give.


My gold dodo birds r broken they only lay gold or iron eggs. So plat dodos r gonna take like sooooooo long dang


I think I went a lil overboard with notifications…


Let’s cut straight to the point. Knife puns are super dull. Not at all sharp.


Beep beep


I’m back!!! :DDDD


oh sa mam!