Last post wins!






Those knife puns just didn’t make the cut.
I’ll take another stab at it later.


I fell into somebody’s birthday present.

It wasn’t a very present situation


I fell into the birthday cake.
It was a crumby situation.


I accidentally chopped a television cord in half.

I think I short circuited it


I’m taking a stab in the dark: is the pun the circuited being cir-cutted?


SHORT circuited

cuz i


Sorry, I still don’t get it.


made it shorter

AND borke it


Ah okay. I guess the pun didn’t strike me as very bright.


I saw a ball coming straight at me
I was confused at first biut then it hit me.


@Raymond5525 welcome back :slight_smile:


I’m a sheep



no im not




secret transgender identity identified. commander we found the target lemme press the big red botton, beep boop bop beep


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invaled date?

did you post that in the future while I was in the past?( gasp )


Please don’t 7 flag this post :frowning: