Last post wins!


Frater, is your avatar, by any chance, Chen from Touhou?


I don’t know, it’s just a smug neko to me


Anime is cool, I guess.


how dare you have chen without knowing who chen is



That reminds me of Pop Team Epic from Adult Swim XD


It’s made by the same artist.


That’s pretty cool!


Appearantly bkub (Maker of Poptepipi) was also a Homestuck as well.
The more you know.


That’s pretty interesting.


Interesting, eh? Very interesting. Really Interesting.




I have a higher interest than your excitement.




i was litteraly playing that video at the same time while seeing that

synced in so perfectly


I’m not a big fan of Fortnite.
Prepares for pain


Roar. I’m a pirate. Gimmie your treasures


I’m very sorry, but I have a programmed missile that will nuke your island and ship.



everyone the moon landing is fake

Just kidding.


I found him in real life!!!

I accidentally gave him 29 carrots and he started chasing and screaming words at me. I’m sorry if I offended you @Brer-Rabbit, please give me back my carrots. I need them for a salad and soup


I found @TheFoil in real life too!