Last post wins!


IS IT marriland?


M _ r r _ _ a n d

I separated it so it’s actually 9 words…

@Caelestis mhm.




First password: milla_pmd.

Names: Caylor. Anthony. Zig. Cats.

Decoding: Marriland

Elements: Caylor = Fire, Anthony = Water.

Extra: G1, start

Maybe check his playlists.


Agh. I can’t take it anymore. The stress is getting to me.



When LPW causes you to be stressed.

Hint: To find the next part of the puzzle, you need to find the meaning of the password.

@nothingwhatsoever Uno = one?


I’m somehow changing and typing. i don’t care about grammar or spelling anymore


plz don’t sue me




I have another puzzle after this. It will be less difficult. Like seriously.

Seriously though, you need to find out what that password means.


I understood Fahrenheit and celcius…


All I think of is that milla pm’d someone? Idk


Something something four?

@Caelestis Maybe some things are meant to decieve.


i’m going i’m going the stress is killling me i don’t even care anymorw


i give up.
bye bye secret.



Is anyone else gonna solve now?


Eck I’m stalking your latest posts trying to figure it out
No im not creepy


ohh custom emotes

@caelestis Perhaps some things may not belong.

(hint for the password)


It broke.


Password: milla_pmd
YouTube channel: Marriland
Names: Caylor, Anthony, Zig, Cats
Elements: Caylor = Fire, Anthony = Water
Extra: G1, starters
Quotes: “Urf…I don’t know what to do…”
Relations: friends

I can relate @nothingwhatsoever

(deadly it’s not what it seems)