Last post wins!


Sylvie will like you more if you do


more trips to the bathroom

ill do t



also it seems terrible customer service is increasing IM TALKING TO YOU LADY ON THE PHONE!



21? Is, um, Sylvie alive yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


She’s alive right now, but idk about when I’m 21. I got a lot of backup buns. They are so cute!


I agree, rabbits are very cute! :stuck_out_tongue:
They live for about 7-12 years, I believe.


7 to 10 actually. change of plans: getting one when 18 ;D


Why 18 ;-;


cuz i can boi
but seriously, whats the problem at 18? you are an adult at 18.


I mean why not earlier?


age requirement to adopt is 18, parents wont get me one themselves


Ohhhh that makes more sense


ye. it does


This is Hurley. I’m adopting her if Sylvie dies (note that this picture is from a website)
She has one blue and one brown eye. It’s ok though, it looks cool.


I want a cat.




There are exactly 8 blockheads types.

  1. Extremely Hypernova Mad blockhead
  2. Nerd blockhead
  3. Majicdave blockhead
  4. Fred flintstone blockhead licking hair
  5. Clark kent looking up at mad blockhead
  6. Brown blockhead 2
  7. Notch blockhead
  8. TheBest1Ever blockhead looking at fred flintstone.


What is your gender?

  • Yes
  • No

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Who will win.

The first or second?


Oh my (literal God) sunnyperson, you have 2 Marios, 2 Ganon’s, 2 Links, and more characters from other games, including Sans the Skeleton from Undertale! (Also are they real?)