Last post wins!




Dont do it no no!!i am a budgie no dont do it no!!



When I came on the forums I was logged out :thinking:


dont u ever talk to me or my son ever again


Ok. Oh wait I talked to you haha.
Anyway, what happens if I do?


thats what she said


“There are 24226 replies with an estimated read time of 935 minutes.”
uses calculator
25347 / 24226 * 935 = 978 minutes (rounded to the nearest minute) = 16 hours 18 minutes.


That was 10 days ago?


look at the farewells and greetings thread
ahahahah noob


That still doesn’t answer my my thought of why you made a joke on my reply from 10 days ago. Lol.


Principal Of The Thing:

No bickering in the halls.
15 seconds.
Detention for you.
When will you learn?


Guys, I became allergic to memes.

I need serious help.


calls 911

Emergency Service: 911 what’s your emergency?


It’s getting worst please help me


guys i suffer from ligma : (


Sorry, what type of emergency service do you need?


ambulance my ligma rly bad


I need to know the location

[Roleplay: Do not give real location]


moscow, africa