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Zig is sky element? Rain?




I would not trust something with that low quality pop up.

@LilAngel119 If you aren’t familiar with Pokemon you can’t answer this.

Watch like 30 seconds into the video and see Zig and Cats talking. When they talk you’ll see a picture of them. That’s their character.

Unless you don’t Pokemon, then you are doomed.

As you can tell, I’m not in the best mood.

This is as simple as it will get!


SUPERAntiSpyware is a legit antivirus (I know, it sounds like a scam.)


As much as a scam as Windows Defender.


Is this enough to satisfy your hunger?


Mmm…I love Malwarebytes! They taste good! Byte sized. :wink:

I’m gonna walk myself out the door now…



wait what
i seen the posts before and there’s this pokemon thing i don’t understand


I can explain what happened, just gotta know what you need me to clarify.


EVERYTHING. I don’t Pokemon

wait what no no reply i’m trying to find musics :cry:



Basically the point if this is to find the species of my two OCs and the other two random characters.

The password and youtube channel name combined results in the answer to two if the characters.

The characters are as shown: Caylor (cay-lore), Anthony (an-thon-ee), Zig, Cats.

So far the youtube search of “Marriland Pokemon Mystery Dungeon” reveals the answers for Zig and Cats. However, their type and species aren’t identified yet.

For the remaining two characters, you just figure it from there.

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rest in pepperonis




rip lpw


why you curse me slow australian internet







They thought he was normal.


His friends, and the members of the guild.

But what they didn’t know is what he has been through.

They are so blinded by his character on the outside. How kind and charming he can be.

But on the inside everything changes.

Because he was went though things they haven’t.

He refused to tell them for a long time.

Until now.


wait a second i need to do something brb


He mourns over his friend.

Sometimes, people can be so cruel.

His brother was a witness.

He missed work for a week.

He couldn’t handle it.

Neither did his friends nor the guild.

It was too much.

I gotta stop here before I start giving everyone nightmares.


gtg gotta do homework :cry: