Last post wins!



It’s summer…wth?


because it’s the holidays my parents give me homework to do :cry:


Well RIP.

He couldn’t eat, and sometimes he cried.

The pain came to him.

It just happens suddenly.

I’m so bored okay?



These messages are so funny.


…they are?

They aren’t supposed to be funny though…

Actually, the messages are part of a story I made up a while ago using those OCs I’m talking about. It gets quite dramatic.

Quite the soap opera.


I guess I have a unique sense of humor.


anyone else woke


The sound of me breaking last post wins down into oblivion.

994 DB




I win.

“And so be it . . .”


I wish I knew what was in Santee’s deleted post.


Something about Millie that I didn’t want to bring up.

(and me praising you for your dark humour)

Lorem Ipsum



When life gives you lemons…

random secrets




idk i think they just think they look the same




at first i thought that was a virus


A virus? They’re just secrets. Once you view them, they disappear forever.


Laser bats


Never trust random links


one time secret is perfectly safe

Squawk! continutation

(What is a bad website is Bing. eww)


I no like bing either . But I must list search engines for audience .

I’m not sure why , but I just enjoy the #games category .


Has anyone even been clicking on my secret links?

It just contains random text that can be inteesting to read.