Last post wins!


How did u do that Raymond? Teach me the way young padawan Jedi master thingy.


wats wrong jimmy kun
could it be
youre craving my



Butter it first and we got a deal







Is discord acting weird for you guys?


Double mischief!


It’s almost 2 for me and I want to go to bed but I am being forced to post on the forum by my brain.


@Santeeisweird9_real the voice chat doesn’t let me unmute half the time

Mobile discord crashes on perfectly good wifi

other than that, no it’s okay for me


2 and four 5s.


My mobile Discord won’t let me hear very well unless my camera is on.


1.8 update patch notes:
We’ve updated our private policy


looks like im buying an ssd


Who else has five fish in a fish tank?


I have more than 5


I was complicit in the killing of around three fish in one tank…that belonged to someone else.


I have 100 fish in a fish tank,
I ate them all.
But don’t just blame me for this.
After ‘all’, they’re small.


I remembered I once tried to work for sizzle burger but they failed me because I forgot to repeat the order oof


Hello, welcome to SizzleBurger! I’m not payed enough, how can i help you on this beautiful day? (Menu above.)

I spammed this on Hilton Hotels. Still not banned.