Last post wins!





hey hey hey


When your playing PUBG in the final two and the last guy is prone in the grass with a ghillie suit and suppressed gun and spams 1000 bullets at you and you can’t find him and he hits a couple shots on you and wins.


I don’t play PUBG.


crying emoji intensifies


Well in which case Olaf can explain it to you


my leg


image When koopa troopas eat to many donuts.


Oof. Rip.

(but about my question…)


Please quickly edit that post. Ligma = Lick my. It’s stupid slang. Don’t fall for any other nonsense words, either.
Sugma = Suck my
Sugondese = Suck on these
Caressma = Caress my
Bofa = Both of


probably a better idea to look it up on urban dictionary than ask about it here imo


There’s apparently 24.1K posts.


It’s a fake disease that was made up and “supposedly” killed famous Fortnite streamer, Ninja


I was on a nether fortress in Minecraft and had diamond tools and I literally just ran off the edge and died :slight_smile:



Alt+F4 the game before it autosaves!




Fact: Battlefield friends is the best YouTube series.


Fact: Battlefield friends is the best YouTube series.

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i dont feel so good