Last post wins!


You got a population of 1.32 billion but most of your videos cant seem to hit even a million. SUB BOT


please don’t judge my editing progress


-volcano eruption
-destruction of homes and 1M store from spreading of lava
-new criminal base (loaded with NUKE)
-duffel bag upgrades (non gamepass owners) now can rob 500 more money then original.
-bug fixes
-new vehicles (firetruck, tank and truck)
-Meet the owners badge
-2B wings
-New way to get keycards
-New weapons (Crowbar, glass cutter, tnt)
-Temp camp sites for those who had to evacuate.
-New mythical skins to go with legendary. (Zebra made most rare)

-100% more camping :slight_smile:



Guppy > Gibby




🥴, my post never predicts amblense


@Legoboy70 Take the L. :upside_down_face:


Who needs an l, when you have a P!


My screen cracked…


my hopes & dreams


A fast food meal getting flushed from an airlock into space? Your hopes and dreams of living in space within a fully functional orbital community are positively beautiful.


How many goats are you worth? I’m worth 6


Huh. 9. Is that a lot? :thinking:


I guess so, most people average around 7, my sister did get 10 tho.


I got 9 goats. Testif and I cannot compete with the sister of DeadlyPotato’s unrivaled beauty and excellence.

must retake quiz as a male
EDIT: ooh, the quiz is different and I got only 6–blast, I wanted to know the description of 9.


6 because i am worthless ;o


9 goats


Is it weird how saying backwards sentences creates sentences backwards saying how weird it is?


ha try writing a ketek