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They did surgery on a grape



Their view to subscriber ratio is really illogical. 200k views and 71m subs?


SeEmS fInE tO mE


how did surgery on grape became a meme…


Idk but did you know they did surgery on a grape?



Me every time I am in the store


Yeah nothing special bout it ahahaha


Ya read that wrong


Oh really?





My dad believes that famous people die in sets of three, in this case it’s Stephan, Stan Lee, and that Apple guy Paul something.


More importantly. My creator, Stan Lee, has died


The problem isn’t really overpopulation by itself, but it is a problem.
Some people think that being immortal would be painful, because you would see all your loved ones die, Etc.
But the real problem is the fact that the social systems we know, and history we know, would be totally different, or unexistent.
But in aspects of life by itself, many living beings have surged from corpses, and feed from them, so, many animals would be dead by now.


But if everyone was immortal no loved ones would die, we’d just stay here and get bored. I meant if death didn’t exist at all. Lol.


Read 2BR02B. Interesting short story about overpopulation that we read in class.

Warning: talks about suicide.


You could still destroy their bodies right?
Being immortal and indestructible are two different things.
But, if just you were immortal, then that would happen.


You can’t be destroyed in real life, your chemical makeup is just modified, nothing that exists stops existing, it just transforms and changes. So considering that, If people were immortal their bodies wouldn’t stop existing.


Um… i just meant that comment as a joke. I didnt mean to start a debate