Last post wins!


What debate


The debate above?


But people won’t consider them alive anymore.
Of course, they will still exist.
It is the same with corpses.


Moved off-topic posts from Stephen Hillenburg thread into here.


How is that off topic?


It started the off-topic discussion.


I’m sorry I got carried away talking about immortality or whatever Milla lol


Study grind for midterms. mine are in 2 weeks

F in the chat for everyone who’s doing the same


finals for me, howzabout a double F


You’re welcome to do so. That conversation was just taking things off-topic, so I moved it.




Whoever reads this, I hope you step in a puddle and get your socks wet.




Listen up: never play “Best day ever” on November 26 of any year, or you will be executed.


Ok. That makes sense


Ahem* 8 years ago.


What I want is to grab all the meat parts from a pork, and trying to take them back to their original form.


Pigification? Imagine if they did surgery on a fly though.


The human centipede maybe?
(Warning: Whoever is reading this, if you are higly sensible, don’t look that up, because it won’t be my fault)


I can see why. ;-;