Last post wins!


Whenever I am on the forums I seem to just go from thread to thread scrolling/swiping and just click out of it.

At times I end up using the forums on two devices at the same time because it could help get some work done. Gotta admit to that one

Or it is just sitting in the background because why not.


roblox in japan


Youtube Rewind 2018 is trash


a relaxing website with rain sounds


That’s not too bad

Wonder what video has that kind of view to like ratio


Oh no


hey last time i checked it was only 3 mil dislikes
keep it goin guys


The snow is closer to my knees then my feet, i’m skrred
It’s exam week too, don’t want to have exams after break


It’s now the second most disliked video xD


Yeah I watched a minute or two and its so TRASH AND CRINGY!!
We should see if we can get 10M dislikes on it before 2019.


Joker is going to be in smash. It’s been over a week since it’s been announced, but i’m still really curious as to how they’ll adapt a turn based RPG character into a game like Smash

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Has anyone heard of Hytale yet? Its like Minecraft, only with cooler looking graphics and a ton of crazy stuff. It is actually made by a Minecraft server than I play, Hypixel, but they didn’t like Mojangs updates on the game, so they made their own! (BTW it won’t be out for awhile; the trailer was only released today)

Bit more info:



No it’s just the most disliked video.

What you said means baby has more dislikes


your grounded.


I seem to wake up in the middle of the night every night and whenever the time is right I crave on a meal.

But mainly I just eat milk.


you crave milk


I always crave milk in the morning.