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So, I just need you guys to give me your opinion

On ROBLOX today, I was trolling. I said stuff the chat filter allowed, no special characters, just the word itself. A staff member banned me for ‘bypassing the chat filter’ is this really bypassing?


You still deserved the ban.

A man robs a store
The cashier arrests him for vandalism
The man says that he was innocent


Should I get some friends and try to raid it?


Please use some common sense.

Trolls on a server
Gets banned
Want advice to get unbanned
Raids server


I never said I wanted to be unbanned, I just wanted to know if saying hell was bypassing


Techniacally, no, but you were still being bad.


Rex dangervest.


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I liked but saw ifunny wAtermark disliked and UN SUBBED


Why do many people hate ifunny?


It’s like Pewdiepie got banned from Roblox for inappropriate username

No it’s not bypassing

Check my pewdiepie thread as I promised not to flood.


pew= bullet Die= insult Pie= noun


Go commit pewdiepie.


That’s it. I’m officially hating iFunny for no reason.




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Look out
I think moto moto likes you