Last post wins!






I feel like this thread is a huuuuuuge storage hog…


Storage hog? What do you mean?


Last Post Wins is the largest thread on the forums, currently totalling more than 27,000 individual posts, discounting those which have been deleted. These posts have anything from basic text code to multiple embedded images and videos.

Ergo, the sheer informational massivity of this topic is bound to require a lot of memory on the part of the hardware that hosts it, otherwise known as storage. A while ago I think the forums actually crashed because it ran out of “space” to cram stuff into.

“Storage hog” usually implies a specific entity / program / process / file / etc. that consumes a lot of this memory, leaving nowhere for the other entities / programs / processes / files / etc. to store their information. :frowning:


let’s upload giant images that take up the site’s storage!



She’s a giant lol.



I missed this thread’s 5 year anniversary.


Hi people of the world…

I’m supposed to do my homework but guess what ?

I’m here…

Procrastination 101





┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻


what does oatmeal have to do with the song


Cats :cat:





Lol one of your bird brains isn’t even paying attention to your greeting! How do you expect that one to do math.:joy:


@Princess_Sarah fixed that for you


the hell