Latest ipa for blockheads

i have ios 6 but i want the latest blockheads

Even if you got the IPA, it won’t work. Newer versions of blockheads require newer versions of libraries that don’t work on ancient iOS versions.


but its only 2 ios versions away

iOS 6 was released in 2012, iOS 9 was released in 2015. 3 years is a really long time in tech.

You can spend like $100 to get a device that still runs BH, or $200 to easily get something that will last for longer… that’s pretty cheap considering.


yes but i recently bought a pixel and dont want to shell out more money for another phone

Why not just play there then? BH has been ported to Android…

oh ok

Is your iPhone able to update to a newer version of iOS?

What model is your iPhone?

If the newest iOS for it is 6.x, iPhone 3GS.

I doubt it would run the game anyway, if it’s that old, even if it ran the required OS. The other reason we redact devices from the support list is because the game needs more resources than they have.

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