Lava blocks in inventory?

So… A YouTuber had what looked like lava blocks in their inventory… … how is that possible??

Probably edited

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That isn’t possible. It is likely fake.

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Most likely.

Yes i think you would be right, it seemed pretty ridiculous to me too.

If it’s not fake it’s a hack but I haven’t seen any that hackers use

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True, me neither.

i’m sure it’s possible to get it as an item, people have placed natural stone blocks before, but there’s no onset item ID for lava, it’s only a tile

a good example in terraria, there’s an unobtainable block called a pixel box which has assigned code, it just isn’t obtained without inventory editors, but it does have use

but a leaf block is another block that can’t be placed in the inventory even with inventory editors because it only has tile ID data, as it’s not meant to be put in the inventory

basically anything that wasn’t coded as a possible obtainable item in blockheads inventory cannot be obtained, so if no item data is assigned to lava, then it cannot be obtained in the inventory and the editing theory is correct

just for reference

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Hmm ok. I’ll look into it.

What if it doesnt need to be coded, perhaps one could change the tile id of a legitmately obtainable block in their inventory, for example, dirt. Then, upon placing the dirt block, the game would think that you placed a lava block instead of the dirt block and would accordingly place a lava block.

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Good thinking

there’s currently nothing to do that, and if it is possible at this point using resources to create a tweak like that may be pointless

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