Laziest Way to Farm

You know what the laziest way to farm is? Box your blockhead in a big building made of a noon-natural block (i.e. mined stone, mined limestone, glass,etc.), place compost on the bottom layer (they won’t mine compost) and give your blockhead some food and a tinfoil hat. They do the rest.

That’s mine.

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That cool

LOL… the thing that you don’t do is give them a pickaxe to mine their way out :slight_smile:

No for food just leave it siting there

HD textures look so ugly…

BLASPHEMY!!! I don’t like my Blockheads face but I think everything else is so much prettier :frowning:

Um… on topic. Erick that’s a great tip, I need to actually try out my tinfoil hat to be honest. I made her wear it once and she didn’t do anything, I guess you have to leave them a while.

Won’t they break out? I had an issue with that.

They only break natural blocks.

I tried letting some of my blockheads run loose in single player, prior to servers. They went crazy planting coconut trees on every square for a few hundred squares in each direction. Then they couldn’t click on the ground, because it was all tree trunks, so they’d just sit in their trees beyond exhausted. I ended up making them chop down about every 10th tree and placing wood in its place. And don’t get me started on them digging holes before planting trees about 5 squares down.


I find the tin foil hat rather slow. it’s useful for when you’re sleeping though.


My BH won’t chop down the trees. It just walks left to right and randomly places torches or break leaves. It won’t replant the trees when they die.

What am I doing wrong?

  1. You’re new, aren’t you? Don’t grave dig up ye olde threads.
  2. You need to clear it’s inventory, except for the seed.

I don’t think that tin foil hats can make your blockhead use tools

EDIT: nvm I just had a brain malfunction lol

Sounds like chaos.:eek:

Wow thx it worked for me but it still not replanting seeds :frowning:

I know i’m bringing back an old thread, but I thought it’d be better than to make a new one.

Now, to my point. I constructed this building, glass with compost at the bottom, and stuck a blockhead inside. I planted my coffee cherries then put the tin foil hat on my BH. The only thing in the BH’s inventory besides clothing are the coffee cherries. She’s only slept from collapsing and just stood there. It’s been awhile. Did I do something wrong?

I don’t think so. You have to leave her alone for a few minutes before the tin foil hat takes over.
It could be that she’s waiting for the coffee cherries to grow into trees to harvest the trees.

You’re not bringing up an old thread. First, the last activity on this thread was less than a month ago. Second, anything you have to say that’s relevant to the OP is fine, no matter how long ago the thread was created.

Third…you probably just have a super lazy BH. :wink:

Well i’m new here and pineapplepegasus told somebody, “1. You’re new, aren’t you? Don’t grave dig up ye olde threads.” So I decided to lead with that to be safe. Anyway, I’ll report back when the trees are blooming or she starts to do something.

EDIT 1: Being the noob I am, I didn’t think the campfires I put under the compost would light the trees on fire. Well…they did. Fortunately, my BH saw the fire and climbed the walls to the ceiling and is currently hanging there. I will now replace the campfires with oil lanterns and report back.

EDIT 2: Okay! It’s looking good. I replaced the campfires with lanterns and replanted the trees and they’re growing fast!!! I have a couple questions
1: What are those particles around the tin foil hat?
2: Will my BH break out if I give her a machete and axe when I want to harvest pine trees?

I finally finished building and modifying this in my world and now it’s working!!! Thanks everyone for the help.

Pineapple was wrong. That post was not bumping.

But anyway, glad you got it to work!