Leave message board moderation to actual moderators


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How nice would it be if people would simply report a forum violation they feel to be against the rules? No further action required. I’m certain this is one of the rules here, correct? No mini moderation? If not it should be. Nobody needs to be yelled at for a petty gripe. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face don’t post it here.

Do certain people here feel it is their responsibility to boss people around and be disagreeable? It has nearly chased me way. I avoided this place for years because of certain behavior. How hard is it to report and scroll by? Has the forum owner asked for help? Have they instructed you to type in all caps and act like each violation is a felony? I’d bet that isn’t the case.

So yeah here is my suggestion. Add a message board or forum rule that discourages members from imposing unsolicited moderation from
people who are not in fact moderators. It may save some aggregation on both sides. I’m not speaking only of my experiences. I see this happen daily to almost everyone. Enough already. It’s rude and unnecessary. Learn to pick your battles.

Leave message board moderation to actual moderators. What a concept.


You can just flag it


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It would be much better (and declutter a ton!), though milla would have more work.


Thank you, Porky. I wasn’t sure where to place this thread.

Imagine if you will no need to flag a message board post because it wasn’t made. :open_mouth: Earth shattering realization. As I say these thought police posts are made here daily and some of us are sick of it.


I agree. I’m tired of users who derail a conversation over matters they cannot control. (eg. “This thread belongs in this thread”). It doesn’t pertain to the discussion, and even the user who made the post cannot fix it. Only a moderator can move it.
Many users believe that they’re being helpful when they remind another of a rule, but in all-too-many cases, they’re confusing at best, and misinformative and rude at worst. I’ve seen a case of the latter where a user made a thread about their return to the forums, only to be brigaded by four users, all saying the exact same thing: “This belongs in the Coming+Goings thread.” Needless to say, they left.
Milla had already made her stance clear.

I don’t understand why users continue to do so. It’s not that hard to follow. If something breaks a rule, flag it. Milla comes on near-daily, so any posts breaking rules will be resolved quickly.
Even if she hadn’t said anything, the rules and guidelines say not to interact with a rulebreaker except by flagging.

From the FAQ.
I don’t feel as though the amount of posts that are fixed by people telling them what they did wrong outweighs the work milla is given cleaning up long discussions over the rule broken. I’ve seen threads soar off for 5+ posts on a rule that should have taken one post that was backed with authority.
Also, some of those posts saying that a rule was broken? They don’t even explain what the rule is, how it can be fixed, etc. Those posts are not helpful, and can make a user feel helpless and confused.

TL;DR: I’m tired of mini-modding. Milla has already said to just flag. Even the rules say not to do it.


I personally don’t like police posts. I am not going to call any names but i know a lot of forums vigilantes. Where they embarrass you for unknowingly breaking rules. But the people must know that they can just flag instead of littering the forums with rules and telling people how to live their lives.


I bet if we all payed attention we could pinpoint certain users that are only here to correct others. It’s a form of cyber bullying or Internet Trolling. Some people need to mind their own business.


omgg yes!!! thank you @FreewayKiller for finally saying it! Sometimes this community can feel so nit picky and like everyones waiting to correct each others it can feel quite…aggressive! And same here when i first joined the Forum I was so exited to find other players who enjoyed the game to this extent but then found it actually really actually so off putting the general attitude :zipper_mouth_face:
i really appreciate this post !


I’m gonna start black listing people on my server I see playing moderator. Not the type I want near me. If you don’t have the trust level to moderate here keep it to yourself. Please!


That is quite unfair in my opinion.

The forums =/= to the game.

Whatever though. Your server, your rules.


It’s his server. He can run it as he wishes.
Besides, the attitude one has on the forums reflects on their character. Upon seeing their character here, they can decide whether they want that person on their server or not.


I edited my post as soon as you posted that.



Let’s stop derailing the topic. If you guys want let’s discuss this in a PM or something.


If you can’t follow rules on a message board then you probably won’t be able to on a server. Especially a mini game like the one I created. There are common rules but there are also mini game rules like no spawn killing. Damage control. If you act like a hall monitor here that is who you are.


Well, it is milla’s job to moderate…

Doesn’t the person get a PM is multiple flags are put onto a post?


I don’t see anything on the FAQ that says mini modding is against the rules.

Or at least not yet… :confused:

Anyways, let’s just discuss this in a PM. No need to derail your topic about your server.


Good. I didn’t see it either. That is why I put it in suggestions before it was moved here. My intuition was correct. This needs to be a rule. If these busy bodies can’t scroll past a petty “rule violation” without verbal abuse I’m gone.

This thread isn’t about my server.


Interesting. A thread by a forum member that attempts to moderate other forum members who attempt to moderate…



Last thing.

If you break a rule here, it doesn’t mean you are instantly a nonobservant person.

(I learned a new word :O)


Post of the thread.

btw if rudeness is encouraged then that is what lurkers see. You are viewed as a rude community that rudely picks apart every post. Just saying. True colors are shown.

It’s not just just me either, bro. Trust levels are here for a reason…