Leave message board moderation to actual moderators


Post of the thread.

btw if rudeness is encouraged then that is what lurkers see. You are viewed as a rude community that rudely picks apart every post. Just saying. True colors are shown.

It’s not just just me either, bro. Trust levels are here for a reason…


Moderate-ception! :open_mouth:

insert x-files theme here


A reason why I have no issue with this, despite it being a “moderating” post is that it doesn’t derail a thread, since it’s an entirely new one. It also doesn’t bring any confusion to new users, nor does it target them in a way that makes them feel like they’ve done something excessively bad, since this is aimed at the more established ones. I, personally, hold those who have been here longer to higher standards and should understand the feeling of being trapped by post after post that says that they had done something bad. After all, they probably had it happen to them when they first joined.

Also, it’s nice to see you again.


If it did derail the thread though… would you mini-moderate it and remind the person that they were doing something wrong? or would you just flag it and move on?

And agreed. Nice to see JOE on here. :slight_smile:


I want to believe.


That’s actually not what’s happening


If you’re talking about if the OP was posted in a thread where it was off-topic, I would flag it and ask for it to be moved to an entirely new topic so I could discuss it without derailing a discussion. I hope I read your comment right- I’m feeling tired. Something something sleep is important, don’t be a Blockhead who survives only on coffee.


That would be a ton of flags…

Chance of getting Regular: 0% :wink:

(small joke)


I might be wrong. But I feel the focus was more actually instead of leaving negative responses how about literally just flagging. Why not just keep in mind everyone here ultimately is just trying to share something special with one another ? Micro managing or flagging or moderating blah blah blah. Basically stop being bossy and negative and take a chill pill flag it and if you got nothing positive to say just click the next topic link :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen an issue with mini modding until earlier when someone was closing their thread because of a problem with a game.


I recently requested that certain people not hijack a thread of mine but it wasn’t a serious thing. The vomit thread turned ultruism and further reflection. I politely voiced my opinion but it wasn’t something to flag. If this had happened in someone else’s thread I would use the scroll feature. Rational thoughts are foreign.

At least I was able to teach a few people about the harmful effects of aluminum in name brand deodorant .


Regulars should always follow the rules and set an example. Right?


Ima order a pizza from Domino’s and build something massive on my server. Busy night. Seriously though if this mini modding continues I’m out. Not that the majority of you will care. Just know that lurkers who read and never comment think that some of you are disagreeable trolls looking for attention.



Am I being called a troll? If so then give me an ice torch right now! :wink:

Also, I classify mini modding into two categories:

Good and bad.

Good is the kind one that helps users without a penalty of getting flagged, and it adds to the discussion at least by adding something about the topic.

Bad is the not so kind one, and the one that is being mentioned in this topic (derailing one). This includes long ones. They can make the user feel bad, and some may even quit the community. It’s happened multiple times.




Sarcasm is hard to convey over the internet, isn’t it?

Anyways, I get what you’re saying about mini nodding, and I support you. Well, kinda.

As long as you make it short and add to the discussion, it’s fine with me at least. (or even better: put the mini modding thing in a spoiler)

However, the best thing to do is of course what we had in my old days: Flag!

I’m just gonna move on.


People who play moderator never add to the discussion. This is part of the issue. They pop in with passive aggressive corrections and are often times finger wagging and yelling. Caps lock is yelling. That is what we have a problem with.

btw I recomend the second link that wasn’t previewed titled concern troll. That sums up mini modders in a nutshell. Actually I could have picked a better link. Google concern troll.


That’s the bad one I mean. I prefer the good ones, which I never see. Ever.


I actually don’t see caps lock mini-modding at all. They’re mostly just…condescending.
But then again, you also have to remember a lot of people on this forum are kids, and some of these kids want to help. I know a lot of mini-modders are actually trying to be friendly and helpful, but they’re coming off as patronizing and rude to others. I won’t lie, sometimes people are just downright patronizing and rude, but others don’t know a better way to phrase it.

But I think what could be changed is also the way people approach these posts. On the internet, when you can’t see people’s faces or hear their voices, it’s harder to tell what they’re saying. You know, like sarcasm.
A lot of people ‘mini-mod’ me, or send me PMs telling me what’s wrong with my post–but I just say ‘k, thanks’ (and sometimes ignore them) and move on, instead of biting back.

It’s not worth anyone’s energy to get worked up over it. You can just choose to scroll on from these mini-modding posts, as much as the mini-mods could’ve done with your post.


Technically, “kids” shouldn’t even have accounts according to the TOS.