Leave message board moderation to actual moderators


Children do not belong in the Internet. Honestly it’s bad parenting. But if they choose to be here then stop trying to “help” when nobody asked for it. Want to help? Flag and keep it to yourself.

btw nobody said caps lock was moderating. It’s just rude. I’m not yelling at you. Don’t yell at me. I’m not going to scroll past their pathetic grab at being validated. Just stop.


And that’s the point. No amount of threads like this are going to wipe children from the Internet. You’re going to need to learn to live with them. And it’s not as if adults don’t do it too.
If you don’t like people being rude, ignore them and don’t encourage rudeness yourself. What I meant to say was, like how the mini-mod should’ve just scrolled past your post without saying anything, you can choose to respond to the mini-mod’s post the same way. By not saying anything, or just giving them a brief nod. Or, er, the digital equivalent.


No. We will not tolerate anymore disrespect. We are sick of being talked down to. Stop.


Okay. :+1:


This is not an unreasonable demand. Many of us feel the same. We do not need your “help”. If any of us have broken a rule then the actual moderators will correct us. Not you! Stop disrespecting members of this community. Mind your own business.


Well, I thought I was done with my conversation. So I said, “Okay” and left an encouraging thumbsup emoji. That’s all.
Sorry if you found something disrespectful to the community or anything in my posts. That was not my intention.


Seems to actually contradict yourself in the span of two sentences.

You’re trying to ask people to be polite and leave moderating to the moderators, but you fail to be polite WHILE asking them to be polite.


I live by the golden rule. Treat others how you want to be treated — even if they wronged you. I added that last part in, but I call it being the better person.

Just because someone is mean to you gives you no right to be mean to them. They could have simply had a bad day. You don’t know what’s going on in other people’s heads.


I don’t understand how I or anyone else is being mean? That seems kinda off topic. He wasn’t being rude you’re literally saying the same thing. You’re both saying “be nice”.So why do you keep arguing the point ? At no point has he/or I directed this in particular at anyone. You’re literally arguing with us about being nice …?


Fairly certain @bilingual was just using “you” as a general term not directed to anyone.


Oh my bad ahahaha keyboard warrior got too defensive there ahahah


Because I’m fed up with disrespect being thrown our way. You can only strike a dog so many times before he punctures your skin with it’s teeth. A larger dog may have fatal results. We are tired of children talking down to us. Do your job as a moderator and nip this garbage in the bud.

FYI when I say you in previous posts I mean all the people who think it’s their job to correct others when it is clearly not…

We will not ignore disrespect from people who didn’t get a hug this morning. I don’t care if they had a bad day or not. Stop bossing people around.


I agree. When I first started I got called out for dredging. Anyways I always just flag a post and move on silently. And no feelings get hurt.


So it IS an attempt to moderate then? Good luck with that.


It’s an attempt at demanding respect. It’s an attempt at going through the day without some punk trolling and telling you what to do in a passive aggressive manner.

Half the time these corrections that people are so intent on inserting are not even valid. Nothing is wrong and no moderation is made. Just annoyance from a blowhard who has no idea what they are spewing. Many times it kills the thread unnecessarily. It makes me angry.

You have a problem about your incorrect assumption that I’m moderating but seem to be fighting for the right to moderate. Non sequitur.


Unfortunately, you can’t demand respect on forums. Players choose to give it or not, and it doesn’t even go hand in hand with whether they agree with you or not. Listen, I don’t disagree with some of what you are saying… I have been deeply frustrated, at times, reading what seems to me to be over-policing of inconsequential infractions. I don’t think there is an intent to be rude, just to be authoritative in sometimes not the most delicate way… and I’d be lying if I said that it hasn’t annoyed me at times. However, being so hyper aggressive against this is also doing no one any favors.

Again, you can’t demand respect from anyone. You can ban people from your own servers and make specific rules against behavior that you don’t like there. But on forums, you can’t really make anyone do anything they don’t want to do (within the confines of what Milla feels is permissible). And as much as we all know that everyone should just flag and move on… there will always be players who feel the need to point out small transgressions.


I have neither the right nor the desire to moderate, and if you review my posts, I believe you’ll find that I haven’t tried to tell anyone what they should- or should not- do. I simply wished you luck. I did that because I don’t think this is going to end the way you want it to.

But I don’t get to make that call. Fortunately however, the person who DOES get to make that call should be along soon-ish.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 36 hours unless flagged)


No you’ve just passive aggressively breaking a record making it skip and damaging the phonographic needle. There are several people who agree with me and no matter how it “works out”, in the end, there are a large number of us that are fed up with the apathy and inaction.

More passive aggressive behavior. Please keep it to yourself.


Okay, that’s it. The absurdity of this discussion strikes me strongly, as I’m sure anyone who takes the time to think about it will see.

Engaging in dispute and losing tempers over something that has been very clearly outlined by me on more than one occasion is pointless. I’ve tried to let it ride, because many of you have the best intentions and do very well at helping people settle in, but this is ridiculous. I have asked for people to report problem posts to me, and now it is going to become a fixed piece of policy. I now forbid forum members, other than asyc to comment on or respond to people who don’t know or care to follow the policies here. Report the posts via the board system, and asyc or myself will deal with them. She or I will take action against those breaching this policy. I will add a guide to this to the FAQ.

That is all.