Leave message board moderation to actual moderators


No you’ve just passive aggressively breaking a record making it skip and damaging the phonographic needle. There are several people who agree with me and no matter how it “works out”, in the end, there are a large number of us that are fed up with the apathy and inaction.

More passive aggressive behavior. Please keep it to yourself.


Okay, that’s it. The absurdity of this discussion strikes me strongly, as I’m sure anyone who takes the time to think about it will see.

Engaging in dispute and losing tempers over something that has been very clearly outlined by me on more than one occasion is pointless. I’ve tried to let it ride, because many of you have the best intentions and do very well at helping people settle in, but this is ridiculous. I have asked for people to report problem posts to me, and now it is going to become a fixed piece of policy. I now forbid forum members, other than asyc to comment on or respond to people who don’t know or care to follow the policies here. Report the posts via the board system, and asyc or myself will deal with them. She or I will take action against those breaching this policy. I will add a guide to this to the FAQ.

That is all.


…and my suggestion is that basic respect is required. If you can’t show respect you shouldn’t be part of an online community. It is also entirely possible to “force” people to stop rudely bossing people around. You seem to have plenty of official moderators to make that happen. You just choose to allow it.

If you can force people to stop double posting and swearing you can force people to stop pointing out “small transgressions”. At best it muddles up the conversation.


Please read what Milla has written above. I think the conversation is over.


Thank me later. It took someone brave to speak up. This is probably one of the best things to happen to this community. End of rant.



The FAQ is updated and the policy is in effect from now. Further discussion of the finer points may have a new thread. This one is closed.