Leaves fall to the ground


In autumn, leaves should fall to the ground. They wouldn’t serve a purpose whatsoever, but would be more as a decorative feature, like with snow.


It would be cool if, as you walk around you, you would kick up leaves. :slight_smile:


No! We do not need more drop lag! Maybe if you are standing under the tree it can appear in your inventory as a rare item, but please don’t have it gather on the ground and lag there! If it lags we don’t want it.


Wait, snow lags?


@Shariu Snow and rain don’t make perceptible, consistent lag, so I’m not sure that this suggestion would either. They are not “items” that fall and can be picked up and used.

The Rake

It doesn’t make any lag, so no.


Yeah, they’re just textures…


I was imagining something piling up under the trees when you said kicking the leaves @Thuthu. If it is only visual like the snow and not an object like the fruit it should be fine.


Like cherry trees? I don’t know if cherry tree leaves fall but they fall the pinky sparks, right!


Yeah, could be a visual event just like rain or snow. Leaves only look like they are falling. But aren’t a physical item.


Yeah… Let’s not have graphics lag. xD Is agree with Shariu.


When you run through snow, you see the snow getting kicked up. I am imagining the same thing with the leaves. I think having that pink sparkle with the cherry tree leaves would look really nice. Again, we are not taking about lag here… just the same visual as snow, which can bank up too.


When there’s a lot of snow on the ground it make your Blockheads slow and because of expose to elements, what if there’s a lot of leaves to on ground isn’t make your Blockheads lag too? Not saying lot of leaves on ground can expose your Blockheads. I just like to ask if your BH gets slow because of leaves.


You don’t experience lag typically by running through snow.
A character may run slower because they are cold and getting injured from the elements.
It is not lag. It’s a different thing. In the same way that getting hurt by dropbears and moving slower because of it is not you experiencing lag, it’s because you are hurt.

OK. I, myself, am not going to discuss lag anymore here on this post. Again, I viewed the OP as leaves falling on the ground like snow falling on the ground, or the leaves falling off of the trees - not lag causing, just an extension of the visual background environment of blockheads. If it would cause lag, I am sure all of us agree that no one wants that. If it doesn’t then I think it would be a neat additional feature.


Maybe we could benefit from a statement from @jemnidad, though I believe he tested it with /debug-log, and more snow has a direct relationship with more lag. It could be a coincidence.


I think I only noticed the very large number of blocks with snow in the debug-log. It seems odd but could be irrelevant.