Legacy Windows Betas

Right ya heard some pre-release Windows yet? A typical leaked version of Windows a long time ago. Apparently i have one example of means of prelease Windows
(NOTE: This topic for education or sum typical little more understands of legacy windows betas purposes)
If you look carefully the “About Windows” and the watermark on the wallpaper, this were meant to be a pre-release (or say its a earlier build of Windows)
you can get one for yourself at legacy windows beta websites (BetaArchive or OS VAULT)


EDIT EDIT: If you try install those, SET CORRECT TIME DATE in BIOS otherwise will ACTIVATE TIMEBOMB, when comes OOBE. Cut the network of the system to prevent asking log in MS account
another advice: Those are leaked long time ago, certain Build 7955

Windows 8.1 beta

Wow! That’s interesting! Have you tried out any other beta versions of Windows before?

there’s some tho, i have Windows 10 Build 9907 (pseudo localized)

Do you have any screenshots to share?

soon as i can
@WumboJumbo but unfortunately, version above Build 9900 = toasted
even you try set time on BIOS, it gives you BSOD, and you tried install on current time. Well one of their files are corrupted due to timebomb activated

@WumboJumbo Build 9907 (pseudo-localized)

Build 9780

Build 9834

Windows 8/8.1:
8.1 Build 9457:

8 Build 8330:

8 Build 8032 (with earlier Metro Start button):

8 Build 7973 (Broken VMware Guest Addition):

8 Build 7955:

8 Build 7850 (earlier version known as)

earlier Metro Menu:

No need to thx me :+1:

Interesting find!

8 is the best version of windows. 8.1 removed all the stuff that made it good : /

still have 2 more leaked builds. Ya want see it?

Yeah, sure thing!

Build 8056:

Build 8128:

For who dont know why those builds I can change wallpaper even its expired: First, well its simple. Do Windows+R and type mmc, after that open file and find Add/Remove Snap-ins, then find Group Policy Object, once you found click “Add” and click Ok, then save in user or system directory file
Once you done first step. Do Windows+R and type gpedit.msc, wait until Group Policy Editor pop-up, Following this: User Configuration/ Administrative Templates/ Desktop/Desktop:
Choose Desktop Wallpaper, then open the file contains the wallpaper you want, you have copy path C:\Users\Admin\Desktop[Example file][Example.jpg] (i mean your wallpaper name with .jpg at the end)
Open Desktop Wallpaper and copy path with wallpaper name in and thats it, don’t forget turn enable on otherwise wont work. Then right click the wallpaper want set and “set as desktop background”