Legitamite creative mode •<•


As we all know the only current way to dive into building massive structures at the beginning is to start a custom world and gather up items by respawning again and buying all tc levels along with making the portal, if u just got a new branded phone than u would be starting off with no tc

in a nutshell it is a hard process

My suggestion is an actual creative mode, where you can dive right into building giant structures, where the blockhead won’t need a jet pack to fly, infact they could just teleport around the map like nothing. and could just have Minecraft creative like inventory where you open it and it has everything in it.

Another thing about creative mode in Bh is that you should be able to spawn stuff like trees and have options to remove drop bears from them. You could also spawn unicorns, cave trolls, and any mob with a click on the screen

Your “hand” has the power of an axe,pickaxe,shovel and etc. it would also be super efficient so like 1 hit to mine titanium

Stuff like terrain can be generated like growing land, and having tree blocks that do not die or change color, if I wanted to do some mining in a cave but it just be boring then how about this, an option where you select blocks underground (which will lose shadow and become visible over ur viewpoint) and the once u finish selecting the blockhead will mine everything instantly

If u want to remove a big part of land there should be a big eraser tool where it would remove a giant piece of terrain

Okay enough talking imma just get on with stuff quicker

-painting blocks fully with one tap (along with color selection)

  • no need for paint bench for painting
    -giant paintings
    -lava block
    -workbenches can be found in the creative inventory
    -insta Kill mobs
    -power to manually grow vines
    -ability to save certain painted blocks and keep them in a collection to take out whenever
    -custom pixel art that u can put on shelves and stuff

This stuff mentioned will be exclusive to creative mode, now here is a small concept art
image srry if u can’t understand

(Also I know these suggested concepts could cause lag, I just didn’t treat it seriously) I just want to know what you guys think about my concepts and the idea of a mode of freedom and no worry of time crystals

Wut do u guys think?:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


I love that guys face!


To be honest custom worlds with the “everything free” option is kinda of roundabout solution to the whole creative mode idea. Especially seeing that obtaining a high level trade portal is tedious at best in terms of spawning everything you need in is the custom spawn items feature.

Maybe at world creation there would be an option for a free build/creative world that would provide a special trade portal that comes with the standard stuff, paints, the different crafting stations, and maybe paintings that instantly craft and don’t require dye.

In regards to the other features you propose…

  • The idea with painting blocks may be an issue if I don’t want to paint the entire block.

  • The eraser seems like it would be highly problematic in multiplayer worlds. Also maybe to onalong with it add a tool that allows you to replace already placed blocks with another type of block without having to break and replace.


First why is there a Minecraft block :joy::joy::joy::joy: this would be nice for single player or local hosts worlds it would be chaotic in a server