Lego Blockhead


Hey all,

I got bored and decided to make something out of Lego bricks. I made a Blockhead out of them.

Normal Blockhead:

Blockhead mining:

All items:

All items (angled):

Blockhead on handcar:

Dead blockhead:

The dead one had fallen over in that position. The head fell off and rolled across my floor and it made me laugh.

Blockhead riding donkey:

If anybody wants instructions on how to make one, I can make some for anybody who wants it.


Post your latest designs!
I just realized this! Did you?
Blockheads Merch!
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Awesome Imagination, but, why is the one dead without head?


Oh my gosh! That’s so adorable! Good work! I can’t even choose a pic I like best. XD
If you’re feeling motivated, I hope to see more! :slight_smile:


This is fantastic! Why has this not been done before now?

May I share on FB?


You may share it on Facebook, that’s fine.

It probably hasn’t been done before because not everybody has a Lego collection like me.

And yes, it’s in my attic :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk I liked the position. That and it’s too hard to make it levitate in the air like its regenerating. That would require a lot of tape and a lot of light blue blocks.


Love it, especially riding the hand car. Great work!


I love how he looks a lot like majicDave.

That almost looks like the basement from the Lego Movie. Way to collect dem Legos, Best.


I didn’t realize that he looks like Dave until after I made it, lol.


I made the donkey today! Full ridability, and it comes with a carrot on a stick!

Also added these on the first post.


This is brilliant & amazing! Awesome:O


way to go Best!! First to share images of having made blockhead with lego… or perhaps the first to make blockheads with lego… top job!!


Dang that’s a huge lego collection! Good job with this :slight_smile: You could even try posting this on the lego gallery and see if you could win a competition.


I might, but what topic would I put this under?


This is so great. The donkey and the carrot on a stick are just genius. :joy:


You could probably put it under the classic or sections.


Posted to FB now :slight_smile:




I know it’s been a while but I made some more! A shark, fish, and a bucket.


oh no!! the blockhead got munched!! ha ha ha ha… poor bh.