Lego Blockhead


Wow! Nemooo lol


BWAHA! I love these! Thanks for sharing. Brilliant stuff! I’m especially impressed by the way you made the dorsal fin work!


More awesome stuff Best! Ok, I’m waiting for a handcar track with some jumps next. :smiley:

But you’ll probably do something silly like a jetpack.


Heh, I wanted to make a cave troll but sadly I don’t have any light blue bricks. Might make a jetpack though, I’ve got a lot of black bricks.


The dorsal fin I had made some bricks together and just by luck it had sat perfectly in that position so I built around it and it ended up looking pretty amazing. :smiley:


Just made a jet pack and a linen brimmed hat. This may be the last thing I will make for a while, as I am out of ideas of things I can make with the bricks I have. If I do think of something I’m sure I will make it.


Awesome work Best!! You even have the jet engine propulsion :grinning:


Love it! I’ll have to do another FB feature for the new stuff :slight_smile:


Do you have a large blue plate for some sky backdrop?

Download the Stikbot app. and start doing some stop motion animation!!

Use fishing line or thin floss for suspending your jetpack dude.

Two blockthumbs up.


I have a few big blue plates but I don’t want to rip up the river in my Lego city just for this.

Stop motion is a good idea!! I used to do it all the time when I actually had a camera on my old iPod with Legos all the time.

And ok!


I wouldn’t hold it against you used non-Lego material. :smiley: Stikbots are cool because they come with a box with a bluescreen/greenscreen backdrop.


Alright. I’ve always got construction paper I could use. I’ll start making one soon!


These are great Best! Your attic matches my basement. I probably have even more. :laughing: I can get lost in legos for hours and hours…just like Blockheads. When I am really stressed out, I go downstairs and tinker or sort…and it works. Once I spent three days making an awesome chess set. Spongebob and Patrick on one side with Squidward and Plankton on the other. It was so cool coming up with all the supporting pieces, equipping them with Star Wars, Indy Jones, or Pirate pieces. I actually had one person offer to buy it!!! Lol. I couldnt part with it because I don’t have duplicates of all the pieces to make another just like it. I get too attached.

I think the BH and carrot stick is my favorite. Or the shark biting his leg. Haha. I can tell you were having a blast. I’ll be duplicating this over the weekend. :laughing: Poor kids won’t eat…all your fault.


Heh. Just remember, I made the original :smiley:


I used Legos from the Minecraft sets many months ago (handcar scale is wrong, but I was just dabbling with the concept):


Thanks :smile:


You’re using Lego bricks to build these so why not make a BH brick.

Edit: sorry for bumping.


I made a blockhead brick at one point but I found it rather useless just because I can’t really do anything with it unless I make a bunch at once. Then I could but now that winter is near and it is colder outside, I would rather not go in the attic where most of my Legos are at.


Dude! This stuff is awesome! :smiley:


Thanks! I have deconstructed some of them, but I made my own instructions on how to make them.