Lego Blockhead


Dude! This stuff is awesome! :smiley:


Thanks! I have deconstructed some of them, but I made my own instructions on how to make them.


Amazing constructions!

:heart_eyes: Carrot & Donkey :heart_eyes:


I love it!
Such creativity and detail you put into the Legos!


They are contributing positively towards the topic, so I think it’s fine.


Remember, some players are new to the forums & are only just reading a topic & if the comment is positive, I too think it’s fine.

I remember being new to the forum & being told off for ‘dredging up old topics’… but to me, it was new.


How come I haven’t seen this until now??? This is SOOOO AWESOME!!! Thank you @zeekiel for bumping!!! :grin:


It may not be bumping anyway. If it’s positive, it could very well be ok. But @Zeekiel is new to the forums anyway, we should cut him some slack. :slight_smile:


Try to make a blockhead that has pole items on


That is a good idea, but it could take more work to put them on the blockhead. But its entirely possible :slight_smile:


That would work, just one problem. I don’t have the right blue for the ice boots. I have some light blue bricks but not near enough for the boots. However, I could make the others, as it is now spring break for me and I have lots of free time for a week.


Build what you can :slight_smile: it will still be cool


You have brake already? Lucky! :four_leaf_clover:


Yeah and it’s going by way too quickly :weary:


If a dredge turns positive before I get to it, as this one has, then I consider it to be a harmless bump. Common sense prevails :slight_smile:


Oh, a Lego fruit hat would be awesome. Hmm, I just realized I have a lot of Lego train track but it’s at the wrong scale for a minifigure handcar. But it WOULD be about right for your scale.


It IS right for my scale. I could easily replace the wheels with train wheels and it would go on my tracks, it’s just that I don’t think I could make any ramps or anything, it would fall apart. (The tracks).


yeah, the tracks are for laying flat only. Bummer


By popular request, I have created one of four Pole items today! Now introducing, the Sunrise Hat of Fullness!

No, I’m not bumping. This is positively adding to the thread.


Interesting! I like it