Lego Blockhead


Amazing constructions!

:heart_eyes: Carrot & Donkey :heart_eyes:


I love it!
Such creativity and detail you put into the Legos!


They are contributing positively towards the topic, so I think it’s fine.


Remember, some players are new to the forums & are only just reading a topic & if the comment is positive, I too think it’s fine.

I remember being new to the forum & being told off for ‘dredging up old topics’… but to me, it was new.


How come I haven’t seen this until now??? This is SOOOO AWESOME!!! Thank you @zeekiel for bumping!!! :grin:


It may not be bumping anyway. If it’s positive, it could very well be ok. But @Zeekiel is new to the forums anyway, we should cut him some slack. :slight_smile:


That is a good idea, but it could take more work to put them on the blockhead. But its entirely possible :slight_smile:


That would work, just one problem. I don’t have the right blue for the ice boots. I have some light blue bricks but not near enough for the boots. However, I could make the others, as it is now spring break for me and I have lots of free time for a week.


You have brake already? Lucky! :four_leaf_clover:


Yeah and it’s going by way too quickly :weary:


If a dredge turns positive before I get to it, as this one has, then I consider it to be a harmless bump. Common sense prevails :slight_smile:


Oh, a Lego fruit hat would be awesome. Hmm, I just realized I have a lot of Lego train track but it’s at the wrong scale for a minifigure handcar. But it WOULD be about right for your scale.


It IS right for my scale. I could easily replace the wheels with train wheels and it would go on my tracks, it’s just that I don’t think I could make any ramps or anything, it would fall apart. (The tracks).


yeah, the tracks are for laying flat only. Bummer


By popular request, I have created one of four Pole items today! Now introducing, the Sunrise Hat of Fullness!

No, I’m not bumping. This is positively adding to the thread.


Interesting! I like it


We need these sets shipped out into stores!!! I’d buy these!!!
Love it!!! Super cute!!


I agree Louz. @TheBest1Ever Your lego buildings are just plain amazing! I don’t even know how you made that pole item!!!


I remember an old program called LEGO digital designer where you could design a LEGO set on your computer and then order it as if it was a real set!


There’s three things you need:
The right bricks
An imagination
Enough of the rights bricks

If you don’t have the right ones or not enough of some, improvise. For instance, the face on my blockhead, has two 2x3 stud bricks instead of a bigger one, which I did not have. Or the eyes, they aren’t small bricks, they are a bunch of tiny pieces.
Even on this hat, I had to use blue instead of purple, because I had purple, except they weren’t the right pieces I needed. Sloped bricks simply wouldn’t work.

And the best part: if it’s wrong, tear it apart and try again.