Lego Blockhead


Omg this is awesome! I’d love to have a Lego collection like that but sadly Lego isn’t easily available where I live :frowning:
This is amazing though. You should post it on YouTube probably. I’m sure you’ll become world famous for your Lego stuff.


Wow! Those are awesome and on point!
Ir REALLY good at building those!


Maybe when I’m older :slight_smile:


I have those


Now, the rest of the pole items! And a few bonus pictures:

Pole items with jetpack:

Other pictures:

And finally, every Lego blockhead related thing so far:

(You may want to click this to see the full picture).

Thoughts? Comments? Please share below. Once again, if anybody would like instructions for any of these please say so and I will send you a pm with instructions.


Yay! More pole items! :smiley:


I love it all. If you ever apply to work for Lego company, these should go in your portfolio!


I loved everything, except that the South Pole boots should have used light blue bricks, but considering that the light blue ones are slightly more hard to find than blue, I guess it’s alright :confused:
What about a Lego Cave Troll next? I’m sure that would be fun!


I really love it @TheBest1Ever .

Nice work!
Keep it up,you may motivate more people into doing things like you do! :wink:


Heh. I’m actually thinking of creating a Lego Cave Troll myself and I have the parts for it as well lol. Unfortunately I’m too lazy to spend a few hours carefully designing a cave troll :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’m thinking about a cave troll. But here’s the thing: I have like 20 light blue bricks that are already being used in buildings, so I can’t use them. I could go to and buy some custom pieces, or even go on eBay but I am currently low on money and on top of that I need to buy things I need first. It’s fun making this stuff, but it’s lower down on my priority list.

And as for the boots, it’s the same problem. I don’t have enough light blue bricks.
Buuut… if I were to get some custom bricks I would buy transparent light blue bricks, which would be better.


You should have a Kickstarter! :joy:


Yeah, you should!


I need to be at least 18 for that :confused:


Ooooo-la-la. Me likey : D


So cool!


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