Lego Blockhead


Totally agree with you. @TheBest1Ever are you still making more? If I had that many legos, I would probably play with them a lot more than I do now.


Well, I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had time, I also need light blue bricks. Once school ends I will get back at this again. Until then… no.


Well, hopefully you’ll have some new things to make soon. And here’s a request. A boat!


He didn’t bump. The post is only 23 days old. Bumping is when the post is 30 days old.


@TheBest1Ever I like it, nice!


No we decreased from discourse deafault
It is 1/2 a month


What do you mean?



Umm what did you mean?


I know discorse says 1 month but we do a half a month as I was told


What exactly do you mean?


For bumping? :thinking:


Yes I do mean for bumping


Oh… maybe it was a glitch? Oh well.


Well nobody was bumping here recently so I don’t know why your brought this up. Please stay on topic :slight_smile:


Love it! very well done


I think I need to do another FB feature…


That would be great :smiley:


Done! I gave you your own album. I think I may have to do the same for Thuthu :smiley:


Wow! :smiley:


I have the carrot Lego piece