Lego Blockhead


Yes, it’s a very common Lego piece :slight_smile:

Also, thanks everybody for 50 likes!


I love these lego builds.

Keep up the nice work!


Sometime I think I will try to make a handcar out of knex, but it probably won’t work since making the handles turn the wheels would be hard. I still will try. @TheBest1Ever I love those lego things!!! Make more!


I could make one out of knex, I don’t have as many of them as Legos but I probably could.


You still have your knex? I am surprised you didn’t sell them. I have a lot, so if I can’t make a handcar, I will make a train with a passenger car.


Not a bad idea… maybe I will, then I can buy more Legos :smiley:


I just realised this, Best’s profile picture is the Lego shark eating Blockhead one with the Soul profile picture plastered on it…


Yes, it is. IMO his other one is better.


Yeah but I’m staff on Valkyrie and it was required to have this as my profile picture on the forums. I’ll change it back eventually.


Oh I see. I guess Valkyrie is a server?


Yes, it is.


It’s been an hour. This isn’t double posting.

I have good news! I started working this week :smiley: Once I pay my dad for a concert ticket I will start saving up money. Once I have, I can use it to buy light blue bricks and then I can make the cave troll. I’m looking forward to posting about it later this summer.


YAY! Look forward to it :slight_smile:


Lucky. I still have a year to be able to work. :rage:


Awesome! You need to make it so that the troll can pick up and hold the blockhead. Also, you could sell your knex to get more money.


I really like what you built! :smiley:

But what does “bumping” mean? :confused:


Posting on a thread that hasn’t been updated by anyone for a while.
And therefore “bumping” it to the top, possibly bringing about information that is no longer relevant.


Oh,am I bumping?


No. I believe the “bumping” barrier is about 30 days.


Ok, thanks for letting me know!