Lego Blockhead


I can’t believe I didn’t see this topic at all. I’m amazed. You have a lot of talent and patience!

I have lots of lego as well. Maybe I can do something like this one day…but I’m just too busy. :frowning:


thats no excuse xD


Dang! I love this LEGO build! I’d like to see more!


OK…maybe I am a little lazy… :stuck_out_tongue:
Really though, I have been very busy recently, and will remain busy for quite a while… I love building with lego though!


It is one, I am crazy busy. If I find a few hours to do this, I take my chance. But that’s not often. I haven’t really built anything for weeks and I haven’t even touched my PS4 in months.


why are you so busy?


School, track practice/meets, my girlfriend, school again because it takes up so much time, normal friends, and mostly family.


WOAH, tbh school takes up 60% of all my time.




Yeah, do a unicorn as a summer project.


Do a dodo and dropbear maybe?
Any crafting stations?


Make some tools.


I want to make a dodo


If you make one feel free to post a picture of it here.


Cool mohawk! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it until now. Here is a request/idea: A yak!


How do I make a dodo




You may search it like “Dodo pixel art” to help you what color you should put and how many and guide you what dodo size and the pixel dodo image.