Lego Blockhead


But maybe if you’d make the head a block wider, you could separate the eyes :joy:


That’s so cool! I really don’t know how you make these!


Damn i wish i had that much lego.but i cant.i am poor :(:cry:


That’s one nice mohawk!


all these builds look fantastic, looking forward to see any new creations!


I can’t believe I didn’t see this topic at all. I’m amazed. You have a lot of talent and patience!

I have lots of lego as well. Maybe I can do something like this one day…but I’m just too busy. :frowning:


thats no excuse xD


Dang! I love this LEGO build! I’d like to see more!


OK…maybe I am a little lazy… :stuck_out_tongue:
Really though, I have been very busy recently, and will remain busy for quite a while… I love building with lego though!


It is one, I am crazy busy. If I find a few hours to do this, I take my chance. But that’s not often. I haven’t really built anything for weeks and I haven’t even touched my PS4 in months.


why are you so busy?


School, track practice/meets, my girlfriend, school again because it takes up so much time, normal friends, and mostly family.


WOAH, tbh school takes up 60% of all my time.




Yeah, do a unicorn as a summer project.


Do a dodo and dropbear maybe?
Any crafting stations?


Make some tools.


I want to make a dodo


If you make one feel free to post a picture of it here.


Cool mohawk! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it until now. Here is a request/idea: A yak!