Lend me your ears (cause mine are dead)

Hello hello everyone! Vacation tie so you know what that means: playing blockheads addictively, and destroying the wiki!
So as some people know, I play on a old iPad 2 (Discover my woes here)
The sound has stopped working a long time ago, before 1.whatever. Pretty much I had sound for the first 2 months I played blockheads, and then it quit.
So after hearing you guys talk about the dodos being annoying to listen to, and your preference by the music, I tried to get the sound to work with headphones.
Bingo! The sounds of blockheads is back with me. I forgot about the music randomly bursting in, the noisy dodos, and the quiet hiss of all machinery.
So ignore took some time to get used to it, but when I did I truely enjoyed it.
Do you play with sound or not? Cause if you do, truely listen one day, and if you don’t, try it, for just one minute.

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I turn sound on when I feel like I’m not getting enough feedback in return from the game.

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I play with sound off nearly all the time. I think it improves lag for me. But on the rare occasion, I will turn on sound for a bit. And enjoy it for a brief time. :blush:

I play with sound on.

I always have my phone on silent (because for some odd reason my brain hates notifications), so even if I turned sound up, I wouldn’t hear it unless I turned on alerts (or whatever its called).

I’ve always loved the music randomly chiming in, and I usually have the sound on(there’s something soothing about the block click sound). I only turn off the music when I listen to something else.


I have sounds on and music off. I often have real life distractions like birds flying around me, or I’m watching movies and crocheting, it helps hearing the chime of chat or doors opening or dodos squawking reminding me I have game open to hurray back to the screen before I kill my BHs that have stopped working due to hunger or something! :see_no_evil: