Length of worlds


How long are worlds as of blockhead blocks? Does anyone know, because I’m kinda tryna make a railroad on a 16x world and wanna know how many blocks it will take. And yes, I know that a 16x world railroad will be hard.


Talk to @Skeeve


I saw that coming :confused:

Size Blocks
1/16x 1024
1/4x 4096
1x 16384
4x 65536
16x 262144

All worlds have a max height of 1024 blocks.




Wait, so does that mean that a 1/16 world is basically a square wrapped around?


Yep, exactly! The “usable” world isn’t exactly 1024 blocks high (thanks to magma), so it’s still slightly wider than it is tall


Hi @DOG_LOVER, I just saw this post and although Bibliophile has answered most of the questions I just wanted to let you know some facts surrounding 16X Worldwide Railroads:

  • To date, there is only one in existence. It’s on SGE (Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire) and it took about a 6-8 people working for 6 months to complete it between April 2014 and October 2014.

  • There is, I believe at least one 4X worldwide railroad. I think it was completed on @AliceWilkoo 's server. There may be more, but I haven’t seen them.

  • 262,000 Rails is an unbelievable amount of material. SGE’s rules strictly forbade duping so we pretty much either crafted or bought those rails. Many people contributed materials who did not directly work on the railroad track laying.

  • As of Feb 1st 2019 - another 16X Worldwide Railroad is officially in progress and is 10% complete. The server is Starlight Skys 4 and it is owned by @Andre_Lee and @Starlight1 I am helping with this endeavor and enjoying it. Starlight, in particular, is a delight to partner with. I wish I had known her earlier.



There’s also a worldwide railroad on Skylands Arena - another 4x world.


Pffffft… the world I’m doing it on is totally not in custom

(It was a joke it is on custom)


Unihorse by @UNIHORSE and Emerald Gardens by SHARIU2 are both 4x worlds with complete railroads. Unihorse has a subway and Emerald Gardens has a sky railroad.


Nor is SGE! Just saying…

If you want to see the making of a world wide rail on a 16x custom world, go to SGC, Skeeve’s Gigantic Challenge. But be prepared for a surprise - this is not the usual custom world🤣


Creative of time’s subway is completed up until ~ 327 tc on the right of spawn, and I believe the left side is extended further.

It’s a 4x server, so it would take 983,040 blocks broken, plus 131,072 blocks of marble, plus 655,360 blocks of compost, plus another 65,536 rails. That adds up to 1,835,008 taps required to complete the construction around the entire world, and it doesn’t include lanterns, ownership signs, or access elevators.

Or the painting we started, but decided to do away with


Is SGC back up? The memories of dying on that railroad because of hitting a missing track!:cold_sweat:


It’s out of credit, but I might resurrect it one day.


Here comes 16K rails for LOP 2, it is a 1x :slight_smile: