Less survival servers after 1.7


Ok is it just me, or are survival servers becoming more and more rare? I’m not sure if this was the same way before 1.7, but nowadays, it seems that all of the servers I join are custom. While I don’t have a problem with custom I enjoy playing on survival servers more.

I think one of the reasons that I’m seeing less and less of them is because they take too much work to setup, and you have to pay for credit while setting up.


I’ve been seeing less survival servers too. It’s strange.


In custom worlds there are no portal chests = decreasing risk that players are bringing hacked items like supershops etc. into your world & cause horrible lag / are violating your server rules :sweat_smile:


While I do hate hacked items, I think the custom servers take a bit of fun from bh. I like to play a lot on vanilla servers.


I prefer them too! I‘m currently trying to discover every item on a trade portal without using a portal chest and it reminded me of why I‘ve actually liked this game in the beginning :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe there are also more custom servers as since the update and the changed TP prices it‘s much more difficult to earn money :thinking:


I have a anti hacking server that is survival :blush: And there are times that we have thought about being custom to make it harder for people to bring such items.

But like your point we pride ourselves in what seems now to be a rarer breed.



After the update we have seen less of all servers, they are dying after the TC removal but hopefully the developers can have a way to help this issue by making it so we can also earn TC by doing minigames or TC bundles or maybe another type of currency that we can earn instead.

Servers after a certain period of time about 3 months will disappear if not touched and they’ve ran out of credit, you can always revive this by paying for a week every 3 months to keep it up if you don’t want to loose it, servers are dying but I know they will update so we can have the servers back.

I hope this helped you guys understand and if you have more questions feel free to reply to me, Thanks.


No, I know that we have less servers in general, but let say around 30% of servers before 1.7 were survival. I think they are now at 5% from my personal experiences.


The number of legitimate worlds hasn’t really changed. The worlds you see in credit and operating are similar in numbers to those before the update. Basically, all those missing worlds, are the ones that cost us money, but didn’t earn us a cent. It worked, and I no longer have to spend hours every day shutting down scary worlds.

Any difference in the world configuration is brought about by the priorities of those who are willing to pay to host cloud worlds with us. I prefer survival worlds, but I guess that’s unusual :slight_smile:


I like a good challenge, to build up a BH life from scratch and collect stuff. The satisfaction is even greater when you suvive in atrocious conditions.
This makes me like custom servers. You can’t bring in tons of items and the owner can set harsh wheather conitions, no plants, no caves, no spawn in items etc. And of course trade portals can be disabled. So I dare say: custom worlds are the real survival words! :slightly_smiling_face:
(Of course I am aware most players won’t agree and associate custom worlds with everything free. Their loss…)


Just started playing blockheads again and I’m just now experiencing 1.7, its very overwhelming and with all the new survivals and survival types. I think theres more survival servers And less custom servers, and I’m glad!


I have so many servers that I enjoy playing on that it is hard to choose which one to focus on when I have a moment to play. Most of the servers that I play are what I would call custom survival worlds. They are as @Ronnie described. Some are regular survival servers. All are active with a core group of dedicated players. We might not all play at one time but we still play. It is nice to come on at random times and find friends. Or just to see evidence that they are still around. PixelArt by a friend is a welcome sight.