Lets all be majicdave!


credit to @TheFoil
lets be majicdave!
right click image
press save image as
press and hold
press save image


I’m really getting sick of this repetition of imitating people’s profile icons.


Well I think this is illegal. Milla will log in today. Delete this topic before she sees and possibly suspends you. :frowning:


She can see deleted topics, I don’t think he’ll be suspended for this but she may close the topic or shut down the idea. I am guessing the latter.


And by “me” it’s basically trying to resemble anyone is a bad idea


“Impersonating a Majic Jungle team member, another user, or another player is not something we tolerate either. Both impersonation and misquoting will be dealt with strictly.”

If you go to the little discourse menu thing in the top right, click “FAQ” and scroll down a bit, you will find the text above. (I can’t quote it cuz it isn’t an actual thread)

I don’t really think much more needs to be said.


If you really want that picture then just add text saying ‘bloky2018’ over it, so we know it’s not really Dave.


I dislike the idea setting your profile that from the original player who has it at the beginning. This just make forumers confuse about your profile when they saw the topics and the right side you’ll see a lot of same profile and you had to click which one the original.


I don’t wanna be impersonated.


This is a very bad idea. Using the same profile picture as either Milla or Dave has already been shut down by Milla on another thread. It’s misleading and considered an attempt at “impersonating” MJ staff.

There are literally millions of pictures to choose from. Try another.


The foil made a topic similar


It wasn’t Milla’s current pic though, and even if someone did something bad, it doesn’t make it better just because you weren’t the only one.


Why don’t we all turn into noodles? They’re like Dave, but thinner.


Please don’t. It’s important members don’t resemble staff.


I‘m guessing INeedPie‘s is an exeption because her duck is a different profile picture that yours, milla?


There’s no risk of our avatars being confused. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is. It’s the likelihood of confusion that is the issue.


sorry. can people copy my pic?


They will not copy your images, it is impersonation.


Impersonation needs to STAPH


nah… i say we all be a derpy minecraft steve instedImage result for minecraft derpy steve