Let's count to 1M in different languages!


How do german ppl speak german without choking? The words are so long and when ppl say it it sounds like theyre angry.


Letters (A=1, B=2, etc.)


That’s just a stereotype… there are a lot of different German accents.

I’m not sure about this one as I’m not as fluent in Swedish as I am in other languages I know but…
tvåhundrasextifyra should be 264.


Deux-cent soixante quatre



Deux-cent soixante quint

(I guessed what it is in french… correct me if im wrong)




Suppose to do a different language every time


It would be deux-cent soixante cinq (pronounced duh-sont-swa-sont-sank)

Deux-cent soixainte sept



2.68 × 10²

Scientific notation. (268)


Nongenti sexaginta duo
Latin, 269.


Otway undredhay eventysay

Pig latin


Hai tram bay muoi mot
Vietnamese 271


16 squared + 16

Again, mental abuse to humans.


200 + 70 + 1 + 2



Deux-cent soixante-dix quatre



Duex-cent soixante cinq?



Close! French numbers get a little weird around 70. Basically, 70=60+10. 80=4*20. 90=4*20+10

So, it would be deux-cent (two hundred) soixante (sixty) dix (ten) cinq (five)

Two-hundred seventy six



doscientos setenta y siete

277, Spanish



278 - German. It might take a while to reach 1 million. But hey, one post at a time. We can do this. I’ll just be 50 by then


279 English

300th post


Deux-cent quatre vignt



이백 팔십 일

(281- Korean)