Let's count to 1M in different languages!


Two-hundred sixty two



How do german ppl speak german without choking? The words are so long and when ppl say it it sounds like theyre angry.


Letters (A=1, B=2, etc.)


That’s just a stereotype… there are a lot of different German accents.

I’m not sure about this one as I’m not as fluent in Swedish as I am in other languages I know but…
tvåhundrasextifyra should be 264.


Deux-cent soixante quatre



Deux-cent soixante quint

(I guessed what it is in french… correct me if im wrong)




Suppose to do a different language every time


It would be deux-cent soixante cinq (pronounced duh-sont-swa-sont-sank)

Deux-cent soixainte sept



2.68 × 10²

Scientific notation. (268)


Nongenti sexaginta duo
Latin, 269.


Otway undredhay eventysay

Pig latin


Hai tram bay muoi mot
Vietnamese 271


16 squared + 16

Again, mental abuse to humans.


200 + 70 + 1 + 2



Deux-cent soixante-dix quatre



Duex-cent soixante cinq?



Close! French numbers get a little weird around 70. Basically, 70=60+10. 80=4*20. 90=4*20+10

So, it would be deux-cent (two hundred) soixante (sixty) dix (ten) cinq (five)

Two-hundred seventy six



doscientos setenta y siete

277, Spanish



278 - German. It might take a while to reach 1 million. But hey, one post at a time. We can do this. I’ll just be 50 by then


279 English

300th post


Deux-cent quatre vignt