Let's Get This Forum Active Again!

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been really inactive, and I apologize for that. I’ve actually not logged onto the forums in over a YEAR now, which personally, I’m not proud of. Although I don’t really play the game anymore, I love the community and user interaction here within the forums, and I personally hate seeing it so inactive and unused.

So I’m personally just hoping, truly hoping, that we can slowly revive this forum together, as I’m sure some of you also love this community.

So feel free to make a small post/reply below saying hello to other users you probably haven’t seen in forever, and maybe even become friends with some new people!

If you’d like to chat about anything, feel free to DM me on Discord at Mocha#6625

Thanks everyone, and maybe if we work together, we can at lease try to get this community active again. Because I remember when I joined here in '17 and it was active as can be, a super active community, and more. Now, I log on, and I see not a single new post. So help out the community, and say hello below!

Thanks everyone for reading if you did.


Say hello!


Welcome back! And there’s no need to apologize–people come and go. I think, with no new updates to the game and a decreasing amount of players, there’s not much of a chance of getting the forums back to as active as it was in 2017. No harm in discussing it, though. I mean, it’s 2021, and the Blocklympics concept was finally carried through successfully for once.


Very true! I do also agree that there’s no harm in attempting to revive it slighty at minimum.


The community you’re mentioning has largely dissipated to other places more worthy of their time now. So I hate to break it to you, but… it’s mostly just dust left in here. Best you go after them too.


That isn’t going to magically happen and it isn’t worth your effort. The game and the forums are waning. Unfortunately, there is no turning back. Your optimism is appreciated, but nothing lasts forever. It is best to just let go and watch the forums while they’re still around.


And this year’s optimism award goes to:
Kaypoppy! :rofl:

But seriously, she’s mostly correct - with no content update or bug fixes planned for the future, the game and these forums are riding out the wave of past successes. Blockheads is undeniably one of the greatest pieces of gaming software ever written and hopefully it will inspire other similar ventures. But jump-starting these forums and generating excitement all over again is not likely to happen without new content.

Also consider that the game is just over 8 years old. There are kids playing this game who weren’t even born when it was first released. These forums serve as a valuable repository of knowledge for them and virtually any question that can be asked has been analyzed, discussed, and answered for them by now. Due to this, we have nearly reached the end of all Blockheads knowledge - perhaps not everything, but there is very little new to discover and talk about.

I for one, plan to peek in from time to time and if I see a young player asking for tips about the game, I intend to answer or direct them to the appropriate thread. I always smile when I see a new player discovering what I discovered about Blockheads way back when.


Lily loves the game and she wasn’t even thought of yet when it was released

I think that there’s hope maybe not soon but when some of us start having kids and introduce our kids to the game and they can play together hopefully

Or younger siblings like for me Lily loves the game Sarah likes bekah and she likes expert mode but sadly she deleted the game because of Harry Potter but hopefully she’ll miss Bekah enough to redownload it


As someone who originally downloaded this game on January 10, 2013 that’s a heck of a lifespan for a game. Most games will have about a month peak and then they fall dramatically. Blockheads was relevant as a mobile sandbox game dominantly in 2013-2016, that’s a long lifespan. I think it just best to treasure the memories. The community will never completely vanish, Sapiens’ release isn’t to far away, and a lot of the die hard Blockheads fans will transfer over.


To me it still seems fairly active, I also don’t play the game anymore and from what I’ve heard it’s collapsing (no updates for a year or 2, removed from playstore) but the forums are still alright.

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Do you remember when it was possible to receive a crazy amount of likes, depicted by the image above? That was about four years ago.

I mention this because perhaps the game has already reached its pinnacle. We should focus on honoring the game in its final years, but that is not to say that the optimism isn’t welcome.

What did Blockheads mean to us, and when we move on, will this game inspire us to do great things? Will we remember the memories we made, and perhaps be one of the fondest we cherish in the realm of video games? Those are the questions that, I believe, may seal the game’s legacy.

Though indeed I wouldn’t mind for the game to be revitalized, it is unlikely for that to happen into the way that the game was before in 2016 or 2017.

For as long as we remain in this forum (and the game!), the fire will be alive. Not by much, but alive.


I highly doubt that the game is going to be around for that long.

It was at its peak in 2013-2014, but updates began to slow down due to a different ambition that Dave was focused on. I think that didnt really help the longevity of the game, but it continued to have a decent playerbase up until now.

I disagree. There is not even a single community out there that will last forever. This community will definitely not vanish for a while, but it will happen eventually.

Both games are vastly different from each other. The Blockheads is a free mobile game with microtransactions. Sapiens is a paid desktop game with no microtransactions. Both games also have vastly different targeted audiences.

In comparison to how it was even just four to five years ago, this forum is definitely not as active as other forums.

As in still running? Again, there are other forums out there that are much more active in comparison.

For as long as Dave still pays to keep the servers up? :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that we will not be seeing a Windows Phone port anytime soon…

Obviously. :neutral_face:
And I know servers don’t come cheap.

The glory of this game stems from the community, I believe. So if Dave stops paying, that’s completely cut off, and we don’t have an official place to connect. Well, an alternative would be discord.

Why the persistence to sort of diminish our thoughts? Relax.


But the initial demographic of Sapiens is majority going to be people who also played and patronized The Blockheads, over time the players will grow beyond that, but that’s how I predict for it to begin.

Maybe someone should make a browser version of blockheads with JavaScript
(Not me I’m too dumb to make a game)

I agree, but I’d still try to have some hope instead of just putting everyone down.

It was worth clarifying because it might not be obvious to everybody.

I think that it would be hard to connect everybody together to one single (presumably unofficial) server though. Discord is too fragmented.

I’m not here to persistently diminish the thoughts of anybody. It’s hard to relax with the bar being set so high.

How can you be so sure? The game has not even been released yet.

Is that even possible without running into serious technical hurdles?

What do you expect to happen? This place is not going to stop waning all of a sudden, but nobody is at fault for that. It is purely natural, especially for games that have been around for so many years.

The discord server; so many of those people were once fond players of the Blockheads.

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I was actually thinking about attempting to make a 2D sandbox game a few days ago…

Are you sure about that? If so, we cannot say for certain if all of those people will definitely buy Sapiens.

See you in a few years then! :sweat_smile: