Lets try and buy the game from Dave and bring it back

sorry for swearing, it wasnt intended, i just dont like anyone who did the hack

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The game is not for sale.

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Dave doesn’t “care” about the game for one good reason. It’s also the reason why nobody would be willing to acquire it.

As for why this topic was flagged, it might have to due with the swearing in the original post.

ooooooooh i get it now. my bad

Community buy out? Not sure it will work, and without an active task force to develop it forward it is hard to move forward.but I like the Spirit.

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You can private message @milla.

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this topic sparks a question, how much is bh worth?

This community doesn’t have enough money to acquire the game from Dave, that’s for sure… :frowning:

Dave almost sold the game at one point, but he’s no longer interested nowadays.

Besides, I don’t think the game is worth much in 2021.

dang :confused:

probably like three-fitty, anyone know that reference? no? yeah it’s not worth much

if it’s not worth much in 2021 and this community doesent have enough money, how much do you think it is?

I think it’s funny that y’all assume no one here has much money lol I don’t but for all we know someone here could be a millionaire or doctor

exacty lol

Uh, not worth much? :question:

At this stage, I highly doubt that.

different big real guys order iron ore prices have here going

Huh? What do you mean by that? :question:

I counted my money in front of Lily and she told me I’m the richest person in the world :joy::joy:
(I have less than a thousand dollars trust me I’m not rich but if I wanted I have a relative who could give me money)

That’s cute! :lol:

Still, I don’t think the game is for sale.

but how tho how we supposed to revive the game by buying it someone has to know how to code and update the games publish it on apple and google play so who knows how to publish and code lol

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Yeah, it’s not worth it since the game’s code isn’t open-source.

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