Liar dodo

Soooo is it red marble or iron?? :joy::joy::joy:


Iron dodo? Yeah, definitely…

Is “Redmarble” one of the random names? I think I may have seen that once - but the funny thing is that I was actually raising Red Marble Dodos and I was like, “Wow! How did Dave know?” :joy:

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Yep I have gotten it before on your server and probably others lol

Was that a beta tester?

No one that I remember was called “Redmarble”. But I didn’t know all the testers or have a complete list of them.

Nah it’s a common name not a rare name Skeeve is a rare name or Oreo or Porky… Etc

Part of me regrets not signing up to become a beta tester. It was so easy too!

Not everyone that wanted to got to be one

Really? I thought that anybody who wanted to become a beta tester ending up becoming one.

Even then, my chances of becoming a beta tester were already high if I had offered to sign up.

Well I didn’t become one

Did you sign up to become one?

Yes I did but this ain’t the place for this

You signed up to beta test for a different game?

I don’t even have amethyst dodos another liar


No this game

Oh, okay.

Yet another liar!

your purple colored unicorn is named ruby

oh come on mate…

really, it does happen, many other mixes too (eg. blue one named emerald)

these things happen in the naming system


RedMarble is from one of the early testing groups I recruited. All names that aren’t proper names are testers.


I did not know that! Learn something new everyday