Light bulbs

Why not make light bulb it can be use as a light it have more light than torch like your in a dark house and torch only give some light you can use light bulb to get more light it fill a lot of light in a single room to craft it you need glass and marble and copper plate and oil it have three use 1 it can be made into a lantern to create it you need 1 light bulbs and wood and iron 2 it can be made into a bombs how to it? You need to overload the slots with oil and after 1 day it will go boom and cause fire with wood 3 can be use as a light in mines so you dont need those torch that doesn’t light up the area you need a power bank to craft it you need 10 iron and 5 glass and 10 tin and to charge it up place solar panel next to it and wait 1 day in game and if you forget it and 5 days has pass it will explode cousing fire and you probably think how do you place it without sunlight? Easy! You destroy the power bank make sure its full dont want to run out right? And tap anywhere down it need a the light bulbs and ta daa you have a great light you can up yo down and dark dont exist its like you are outside


I was thinking of a different recipe for the light bulb as well as reworking it so that it functions as you said, producing a lot of light but, it has to be connected to a power source with copper wire to work.

Recipe: 1 glass, 2 copper wire, 1 steel ingot, 1 carbon fibers

the steel is for the base, the copper wire is for the internal wiring, the carbon fibers are for the filament, and the glass is the bulb.

I did a bit of research for this one and I found out that tungsten is usually what is used for filament but since it doesn’t exist in this game I found out that carbon and platinum used to be used.

You can change anything you want but why not make the light bulbs be down and the power source are up i meant to say that power bank can be usefull right? You just a power bank and place the power bank anywhere it must be on top and place the light bulbs up to it?

A flywheel is a power source so yes that’ll work, and how about we make the lightbulbs placeable on walls and ceilings.

How much light are we talking here? You only referenced torches. Do these light bulbs give more light than an oil lantern, steel lantern, uplight, downlight, chandeliers, etc.?

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This sounds complicated, I feel it would be better for your blockhead to have a headlamp that would be worn on the head and would light up a few block in front your blockhead. The crafting recipe would be one flywheel, two string, glass block, and 10 copper wires.

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I was thinking either higher or lower than a chandelier but I don’t really know.

I agree with you. A mining hat would be really cool! :slight_smile:

Sounds cool

It would be kind of over powering though.

Its sucks having torch in your slots right? And placing them and they don’t give some proper light