Lighting up pixel art with embedded gems

Do the young generation call tricks ‘hacks’?.. If so, then this is a game hack, but is not, as far as I know, illegal.


Nice guide! I’ll be sure to have this as a reference! I’m planning on making another pixel art!


oh caron! you are just so awesome! i thank you so much for this! you see, i had abandoned a really giant Disney character pixel art because of the gray dots all over it. i tried strategically placing the lights along the outlines of the cartoon instead, but there are still these super large areas of darkness. tried placing lanterns there in a decorative pattern sort of, but it did not work out for areas of the face esp the cheeks. because of your guide, i have regained my interest in finishing it :smiley:

a question: does this method work for any block used? like black sand? cause black sand walls look black from afar even when they’re painted :frowning:

i vote for milla to make this sticky! it would greatly help a lot of aspiring artists out there :slight_smile:

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OMGee!! I can’t believe you figured out a way to remove speckling on pixel art!
This is Genius, pure Genius!

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about this insanely awesome game…

+1 Million Rep.

(Ok, just plus 10 for now)

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Please be sure to share your pixel art in your own thread in ‘Pictures’ or add them to this thread…

My fav block to use is marble, & I haven’t tried many other blocks, but some of the black blocks here have an imbedded lantern in them. I shall try other blocks when I do another pixel & see what happens… more pics to be added, sooner or later :smiley:

bah! ha ha ha ha ha… thanks Skeeve. I must say, this isn’t my trick… Maldit showed me & others have informed me that the lanterns work good too instead of gems… I am just the first to show how to do this trick in picture form. I know I learn better from seeing pics, rather than descriptive words that can be misinterpreted… Am glad to be helpful, useful … … …:smiley: :smiley:

Any block will work. And any light source, including chandeliers (which only need the elevator over the top anchor point)

Another useful tip I would add is to provide doors or trapdoors through your art if it’s large. Otherwise non-admins won’t be able to remove the fog from the interior of your artwork and the only ones who can appreciate the whole thing would be admins. And yes you can put trap doors and doors on top of gems/lights with elevators. Visit Hydronova for some shocking elevator experience in the purple tower to the right. :wink:

LOL, Caron and others have been hiding this trick from everyone for over half a year.

Ohhh, yes. Great tips there Jem. The players who know of this craft, are too busy creating to post on the forum… :wink: :cheerful:

Oh no wonder. I was trying to figure out how did you guys do that

Majic! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to give pixel art a new try in the new year. Best swot up on all the pro tips that people like Georgie use :slight_smile:

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Just be sure to share what you create… The New year is 4 months away… why wait so long!?? :smiley:

Too much to do :slight_smile:

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hmmmmm, I know that feeling… My pixel art list alone has me dying when I am 220 years old… not to mention the other hobbies and activities I wish to do… :laughing:


This is the best tip ever! :heart_eyes:

I just think it would be more helpful stickied in the Tips Category.

Thanks for sharing!

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One “amendment”! (Sorry if this is a bump) Elevator shafts do not need to be hidden in your inventory when placing blocks over them :slight_smile:

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oh!?? I will try this… would save a lot of time… Thanks for that amendment.


I hid this post due to the danger of deviating the discussion. If you have any comments on it, please PM me or start a new thread, stay on topic here. Thanks.

[details=See Post][quote=“Caronhere, post:1, topic:19594, full:true”]
Do the young generation call tricks ‘hacks’?.. If so, then this is a game hack, but is not, as far as I know, illegal.

This is quite old, and I am quite pedantic, but let me get this straight anyway…

The initial meaning of “hack” was positive. It is a clever exploit of something that was probably not intended to be used that way, and is good, useful, smart. (See this term, “life hacks”. Or “hardware hack”. That’s exactly it!) So a “hack” initially didn’t have anything in common with computers, and the term was around much before they became available to the public.
At some point, programmers started using this term for clever code, which was optimized in unusual ways, those you wouldn’t have thought of normally. And the same way, circumventing software limitations was a “hack” too. What you posted here is a “hack”, certainly, but a “good hack”.
But up until now we only talked about “good hacks”. Of course you can circumvent limitations / exploit software (See? This sounds much worse right away!) in ways that may be harmful to others. This is actually often called a “crack”, you “crack open” some security feature which is intended to protect. But, for some reason, the media coined the term “hack” and “hacker”, and that is what we live with.

I hope I could clarify this and made the world a slightly better place today by sharing knowledge. :slight_smile:[/details]

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awesome! i am usig this to make pixel art right ow

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@loganisgreat, Mama’s comment added new information so it isn’t a bump.


This is AWESOME!!! And nice Pixel Art too :smile:

Now that is a nice Pixel Art soccer ball XD.