Linking accounts


I have a very old iPod in which I have an old version of blockheads. It works just fine, but the iPod is slow, very out dated, and slightly damaged. Is it possible to transfer this game onto my iphone? I do not believe the my iPod will connect to my computer anymore either. It’s just old…
Any suggestions would be helpful :slight_smile:


Go into settings > general > about > then scroll down until you see the version. Could you tell me it?

I’d also like to know the model number (so I can identify which generation the iPod Touch is). You can find the model number the same way you found the version.


If you look for your support ID on the help menu of the Blockheads game loaded on your iPod and pm this to Milla she can merge this with any Blockheads game you have loaded on another device. This doesn’t save the contents of your portal chest, your single player worlds, or any tc you may have saved up. This only allows you to access your multiplayer worlds and keeps your current igns. Any multiplayer worlds you own will transfer with your support ID.


Why not just do an iCloud backup?


Maybe it’s too old for it or something?


You should be able to do a backup to your computer’s hard drive using iTunes. You need to establish trust between the computer and the device, by plugging it in, and following the process iTunes kicks off.


That’s why I’d like to know more information.


Version 6.1.6 (10B500)
Model PC547LL/A

Can I do an iCloud backup for just one app??
I used to back up my iPod on my computer, but I do not think it communicates correctly with my computer anymore.


No, you can do a device backup/restore, but not just for one app.

I don’t see why your device wouldn’t communicate with your computer in general. It may be that you can’t get iTunes to talk to it though.


So I actually don’t have a cord anymore for that iPod. I just charge it on an ihime speaker. I stopped backing it up years ago because it stopped communicating with my computer I believe or it was such a pain in the butt that I didn’t think it was worth it. I have a blockhead game on my phone now. I looked back at my old game, and remembered all the good things I have in that world… so much more advanced than what I have on my phone. I just wondered if this was even possible.


With the correct cable a functional iPod Touch can connect to a computer.

If it’s just multiplayer data you’re after I can help. The process is me asking you questions about your old and your new accounts, and you answering me with the information I need. Once you’ve done that I can merge them into a single account, so you can have your online in-game names, cloud worlds, and cloud Blockheads/inventories back. I just can’t restore data that is stored on your device, such as your singleplayer worlds and your portal chest contents.

If you’d like your accounts merged PM me or tell me here and I will PM you, so we can get onto that.


Thanks for your help!
Ok, mine are single player worlds. Is there a way to change that?


No, I think you’re out of luck this time.

The reason I say that is because iPod Touch 4 (your iPod) is limited to iOS6, Blockheads 1.7 won’t run on iOS6, and Blockheads 1.7 stores data slightly differently to earlier versions. Bibliophile might correct me on this, as he’s spent time in the nuts and bolts of the game, but I have a feeling the data on your iPod isn’t entirely compatible with that on your phone.


Well bummer :frowning: guess, I’ll just have to work hard on the world on my phone.
Thanks so much!


Okay, you’re using an iPod Touch 4th generation. iCloud existed at the time, so…

It used the old 30 pin connector, which you can buy here:


The data will be in the old world format, but as a part of each update Dave has added scripts in the game that convert old worlds to the new format when they are running. If you can get the data into a new version of the app the worlds should be updated just fine.

If you can back up your old iPod to a PC, then you will be able to transfer your data to the new device after performing some backup edits.


you could do this:

open your singleplayer world as a “LAN” world, allowing you to enter it on your phone. bam. its on your phone, and you can give your phone blockhead all the stuff. the only thing is you’d have to open the world on your ipod if you want to access it on your phone. thats the only issue.